This was my first complete build in several years. Last rig was built pre PCIe and SATA era...

Anyway, I took my time and everything went off without a hitch. Still need to do some software install and game testing, but all surface indications seem to be good. I'm regretting not installing the x64 version of win 7, though. System doesn't seem to be using all the 4gb ddr3

Also worth noting is that this build could have been at least a couple hundred dollars cheaper, but parts sourcing issues forced me to upgrade/pay more for video card, psu and hdd. For instance I originally had radeon 6870 but had to up to 7850..$100 difference. Despite this, I'm am happy with the components individually and collectively. Game on!


The day after this build I decided to reinstall the OS with x64 Win 7. After this was complete I started installing programs. It was at this moment that I began to experience BSODs followed by memory dumps. My solution to this problem (as of this moment... it's only been a day and a half with moderate activity, eg. some Diablo3 and network video streaming) has been to modify the DRAM timing to 9-9-9-25, command rate to 2N, VVT to 1.15v, and DRAM voltage to 1.52v. the result has been a much more stable environment. I think there are still some minor bugs to root out, but this was the most serious issue encountered on the build.

credit for the solution goes to:

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