My new LAN case. That way I don't have to carry my full atx build to LAN. Everything works well and the temperature is great(around 30-40C). The part picker said the GTX980 ACX2.0 wasn't compatible with the case but I proved it otherwise. The only thing i gaved up by building an ITX is the dedicated sound card i had, but that can easily be solved by a USB sound card or DAC/AMP. Overall the build experience was easy and simple.

My tips for anyone trying to build in Silverstone sg13b.
1. Get a SFX power supply(takes up less space/thin,short cable for easy cable management LOL what cable management and better airflow)
2. Make sure you connect/check everything on motherboard before going on installing the power supply(it will be a pain in the a** to change later on)
3. Use a blower style cooler video cards(The ACX2.0 and Twin Frozr fan on video card just dumps heat everywhere in the case)
4. Drop $2-3 bucks on some thumbscrews(6-32 thumbscrews is the type)(easier to open your case to show off)
5. Enjoy your new ITX build.(:D)

I changed out the motherboard and SSD as it was defective.
3DMark Results:
(everything was ran @ stock with no manual overclocking or motherboard auto overclock)

Part Reviews


Blue team FTW. Although red is my favorite color :(


After a disastrous experience with the Gigabyte Z170N-Gaming5. I went with this motherboard. It is exactly what you expect from Asus, from included accessories to make your build neat to a well featured/easy to configure BIOS(except for HPET option cough cough). This is a highly recommended board for an ITX build.(Unless you can drop more $ on a Maximus Impact)


Not much to say. Gets the job done and you can fit a lots of components nicely. Case construction could definitely be more rugged and robust but for $40 i think it's too much to ask for. Don't even try to cable manage this case, It is near impossible,there is no cable management holes,and you will be half-lucky to even find a place to cram your extra cables, however this can be easily solved by a modular SFX power supply. This is the cheapest option for ITX build, if you have more money then go drop it on a Corsair 250D or something, but otherwise this is a nice option for the job.

Power Supply

Your typical 500w modular power supply, fits nicely in the Silverstone sg13b case(obviously), nothing else to say. Taking off 1star for the stiff connnector on the cable that takes A LOTS of effort to put in and take out.


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What disastrous experience did you have with the gigabyte gaming 5 motherboard?

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Nice Build ! As you said a blower style card would be better but as i see the temps are not that bad. So have fun with it.

And where did you get this background i kinda like it? :)

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pixiv, I can send it to u.

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Thanks !

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Nice Build!

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Great Build! I'm planning a very similar one with the same case, psu, and cooler. I have a question. I'm hoping to screw an SSD to the bottom of the case and use a 3.5 hdd for more capacity. Do you think there's room on the mounting plate or does the radiator for the H60 interfere? Tough to gauge from the pictures, but it looks like it could work. Thanks!

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Very nice build. +1