This build is made for gaming and multitasking/school work.

It's my first PC build and I think that the outcome is very good and clean looking. The pc works great and the temperatures are stable. CPU temperature is around 28C when Idle and max I got so far is 47C when gaming and watching streams.

The motherboard and cpu is capable of overclocking and is SLI ready, these can come in handy later on, I don't need it yet. The GTX 970 was an easy choice for me since it's more than enoug for gaming on a 60Hz 1080p monitor. Another monitor is added for social media, and is very useful when making homework. I have chosen for the low profile ram because the 212 EVO cpu cooler fan can block the headroom for RAM.

When building the PC I encountered a slight problem: the case had no place for an optical drive, So I kept the optical drive outside the case to install the operating system and removed it afterwards.

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