I mainly use this machine for playing Call of Duty and a few other games, as well as for my PC repair business(HDD dock makes things so much simpler when backing up data for PC's I'm working on). I also livestream occasionally as well(CPU just does cover call of duty and OBS, runs about 80-90% when streaming). I originally had RipjawZ memory but the red really clashed and swapped out for HyperX Fury Blue. I also added the SSD after initially building the system. The case is awesome and is really open and functional(really like the drive bays). Only con on the case is having the side fan in, it makes it hard to just open the side and set it down, I have to open the side behind the motherboard and unplug the fan first. I may end up removing the fan, but it really provides a lot of airflow for the GPU. I will probably end up swapping this case out for another one in the future and use it for a sort of test bench, since it's easy to swap parts in and out with it's size. Overall I've been happy with the build over the past 6 months. Only bottle neck in the system really is the CPU, and would easily be solved with a 4690K or 4790K and a nice cooler. Hopefully this helps someone else with their next build.

Part Reviews


Awesome CPU for the price. Does slightly bottleneck on my GTX 970 but handles most things well. Livestreaming while playing AAA titles does tend to max it out and give me hiccups in gameplay. I would say it's probably the best budget gaming CPU unless you go with the G3258, but then it's only dual core.


Great board, only issue I have noticed is that I can't use more than 4 storage drives on the board at the same time. This may be a windows issue though. Not sure but still works perfect.


First time buying Kingston memory and not disappointed. Worked great and matched the blue LEDs in my case, which is the make reason I bought it.


Really great SSD, never had any issues with it. Super fast but does tend to slow down after installing a lot of games/programs. Reformatted and Installed a fresh copy of Windows and it's just as fast as it was when I bought it.


Works great as secondary storage drive but is very noisy. Bought mine refurbished which could be part of the issue. Does take several seconds to spin up after it's powered off. As I said it's really loud. I have a 3TB WD blue drive and it makes almost no noise. I've been pretty wary of the drive and haven't put any important data on it for fear of it dying at any moment.

Video Card

Great for maxed out 1080p60fps gaming. I use it with a 144Hz monitor, so I tend to run mostly high settings instead of ultra and tone down the AA. Otherwise great card and awesome overclocker as well(1500+ Mhz!).


Really love this case and it's so so easy to build in. Cable management is super simple. My only complaint are the 200MM fans on the side and top. They are quite loud at full speed, but if you turn down the speed, the LEDs dim or go off. Basically has a slight hum and some air noise. That is what you get when going for maximum air movement though. It does a great job at keeping all my components cool though. HDD dock on top is also extremely useful.


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Gr8 build.How far did you push your overclock for your gpu.I have the same gpu and I want to overclock it as well.

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I got it to 1500 mhz but would crash occasionally, so I dropped back down to 1450 and I think I overclocked the memory a couple hundred mhz or so