back in january of 2019 when I built this system - there were no tarriffs on chinese cases, but RAM was in short supply. the RX 570 was a budget gaming king after the crypto crash prompted mining rig part outs.

CPU, I went 2200G because the A8-9600 was a fair bit slower for not all that much less money. the APU is capable for 720P or low setting 1080P gaming for those needing a functional machine for $300 all in to start. the 2200G overclocks to 3.6GHz on the wraith stealth no problem

the ram, I went with 2400MHz ram for this - that's fine with a dedicated GPU here, but very much hurts APU performance on graphics if you use the APU. timings are tight and I had no issues running this kit overclocked to 2733C16.

the RX570 armor. 4GB GD5 card. light overclocking was no problem. good cooler, not awe inspiring looks though. GTX 1060 6GB performance levels for peanuts

Coolermaster masterbox Q300L. this case was brand new when I built. $39.99 MSRP. nice polycarbonate window. decent airflow, dust filter, and looks nice. poor cable management, mini ATX only, no optical bay and the materials feel cheap. There are better options now, but its still a great case I use today.

Antec's VP 450 power supply. it had all the ports and the power, reputable company and $20 shipped. for this build, it's JUST fine. even with some head room for a better CPU in the future.

SU650 boot drive. no frills. pretty responsive, fast enough and enough space to have several games installed at once in most cases. you WILL want a supplemental hard drive for game libraries or streaming.

AB350M board. it was cheap, it supports overclocking, has 4 DIMM slots and has some LEDs. great board, on par with middle of the road B450 boards, and this even has desktop 3000 support for a 3600X or something like that if you want to upgrade down the road.

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