This was my first pc build. I built it mostly for gaming, but will also be using it for photoshop-ing and streaming/video editing. I decided to build this after I realized that my 3 years old Alienware M17X laptop, which is an i7 2820QM & GTX 460M, can't really handle recent games and cannot easily be upgraded. I originally set my budget for around $1,000, but after some thought I decided it would be best to put a little more into it and not have regrets from limitations later.

I went with the i7 because I was quite happy with how the one my laptop had performed. I know there's not much of a difference between the i5 & i7 for gaming, but I just wanted to make sure it wouldn't limit the PC in the future, and I wanted that little extra power especially for when streaming and such. I know I over-spent on the motherboard by quite a margin, but it had many features I wanted: Wi-Fi (AC band!), Bluetooth, SPDIF audio, SLI. I chose the GTX 760 because I've heard it gives you the most power for your money, and in 2-way SLI is as powerful , if not more powerful, than a Titan. I picked the Seagate Hybrid Drive out of personal preference, I had 2 of them in a Raid-0 array on my laptop and never had any problems, and they ran quite fast. I'll probably get a real SSD in the future for the OS. I went with an Asus 60hz monitor because the 120hz's are too expensive right now, and I was told that GTX 760's have trouble with 144hz displays. Honestly, I love this monitor! So far I don't have a single complaint about it, except wishing I had 2 more! XP I picked the case mostly because it was the cheapest I could find. I figure I can always get another case later.

Now for the building: I ordered the parts over the course of 2 weeks, looking for sales and such. I got the case first and wasn't impressed with the "fans" it came with, so I decided to add new fans to the list. I was originally planning on using the stock exhaust fan it came with for now to save some money, but after receiving and installing the PSU, I noticed it encroached upon a place I had planned for a fan, so I found a smaller Rosewell fan that was cheap to go there and used the intended fan for the exhaust. Everything else came in relatively quick, and I installed them as they came in with no problems at all, finishing with the graphics card. I tried my best with cable management, but it was difficult with this case. I think i did a pretty good job though considering what I had to work with.

I'm ultimately very happy with this build. The only complaint I have is that the fans are rather loud, but I'll probably remedy that with a fan controller in the future. I can't wait to SLI it and probably get an Nvidia Shield for playing it remotely around the house (take that laptop!).

EDIT: Finally Got an Nvidia Shield on sale, and am very happy with it. It works well with this setup. It occasionally lags when playing remotely, but I think it's caused by having the computer connected to the router wireless-ly. With that in mind, I'll just move it into the other room and plug it directly into the router if I'm going out of town and wish to play remotely somewhere else. Overall though, It was worth every penny.

EDIT 2: After some testing, I found that the lag that was occurring while game-streaming to the Nvidia Shield was caused by not having a high enough WAN/LAN(?) speed. After installing a better Wireless Network Adapter that gave upwards of 1 Gb/s WAN/LAN(??) speeds and higher, the issue was completely solved, and ZERO(0) lag occurs now, even when streaming abroad on a fast enough internet connection. And of course, I finally got that second GTX 760, so now I run them in SLI and haven't found a game that I can't play (other than Indies & Alphas/Betas). Oh, and on a side note, I had to remove the window on the side of the computer to allow extra air-flow because the top GPU was getting some high temps (should have gone with a case with side fans =/).


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If only Asus made fans and RAM...

Nice build though! +1

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Ya, they would have easily had my money for those, lol. I like their products. I have a wireless router and the Nexus 7 2013 from them, and it's quality stuff!