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Gary's Beast 1800X

by Scarabea


The case is actually a Roswell Viper ATX case, and the power supply is a Shark 1000w semi-modular PS (couldn't find an exact matches), other than those two exceptions, this build is exact. I had a GREAT time adding the EVGA GTX 1080/1070 Hybrid Water block Cooler to the GTX 1080 Founders Edition, very meticulous work, not for the light hearted. Added some more build pics after I finally found where I put them. Hope you enjoy and please give feedback. Thanks All!

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I love this chip. Yes, you can probably get a 1700X to OC to 4Ghz, but for $100 bucks more why not get the 1800X.

CPU Cooler

Under Prime 95, 3dMark, Cinebench and CPU-Z I have never hit over 70 Celsius. Outstanding for an AIO.


With the latest BIOS update 3.3 my RAM is running at a smooth 3200Mhz.


3200Mhz, CPU at 4.0Ghz, no problems.

Video Card

Even with hybrid liquid cooling, I can't OC this founders edition much. 2 Ghz is probably max. But still out performs most.

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skyrise 1 Build 2 points 14 months ago

WOW, by the book build!


HazordouSam 1 point 11 months ago

u bought the wrong chip lol