Will update with more pictures soon.

This was my first ever PC build and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I need to clean up some cables, but for the most part the case made it super easy to manage them.

The main use for this will be gaming. I do some software development as well, but can just as easily do that on any laptop. I plan to upgrade to a 1440p monitor hopefully this holiday sale season. The 2070 Super absolutely cranks out frames at 1080p (very high/ultra settings, never dipped below 110 fps).

I tried my hand at overclocking and I thought I had a stable 5 GHz (for about 3 days) and then started running into stability issues. I reset the clock back to the default but I will definitely be trying again - just need to learn more about how all of the bios settings impact the performance.

These are the actual parts but the prices are not accurate - I got better prices on everything except the graphics card. (If you are a student you can get Windows 10 Enterprise for free!)

Please feel free to throw out suggestions on what I can do to improve the build. I learned so much from this community and Reddit before building that I never felt lost during the process.

Also - if anyone has the same MOBO/CPU setup, what do your oc settings look like? I'd like to see what I may have done wrong in my oc setup.


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post more pics!