I built this for my girlfriend's brother who wanted a gaming PC. He wanted it for playing games like Fortnite, Borderlands 3 and others along the line. Below is the list of components and my thought process of getting them:

Ryzen 7 2700X: I could have just as easily gotten the R5 3600 for slightly better performance BUT... the R7 came with Borderlands 3 and gamepass and a better performing and better looking cooler. A bonus is that he can stream if he chooses.

AsRock B450M Steel Legend: This was one of the better budget motherboards and it came with RGB which is a bonus for him.

TForce 16GB Ram: 16GB is good for him to start off with and I went with TForce because of their great value. Team GX2 1TB: This was initially going to be a 250GB OS drive but his dad talked him into a 1TB.

1TB HDD: Ol' reliable file storage

5700XT: This card came with The Outer World's and gamepass(Gotta stack up those rewards) making it a better choice than a 2070 super based on value.

DarkFlash DLM21: This was an interesting decision considering I usually go with NZXT but this case reminded me a lot of them but was cheaper when combined with the amount of fans. The case seemed interesting to build in and seems easily to maintain with the door style side panel.

EVGA 600W Semi-Modular PSU: 600W seems like more than enough for this build and upgrades down the line. Of course I had to go at least somewhat modular to make it a decent building experience.

Overall this build had some obstacles but those were on my side and ended up with a very nice outcome.

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