6600K@4.7GHz (Not delided, might go higher if I did)

DDR4-2400CL15 @ DDR4-2933 14-15-15-36@1.44v

RTX 2080 +123 core/+1207 memory

3D Mark results:

Fire Strike Extreme -

Time Spy Extreme -

Build picture album (includes previous GTX 970 Hybrid):

This build exposes the problem with quad cores: Games use more than 4 cores/4 threads now. There have been many times where, even though the single thread performance is fantastic, the GPU is bored waiting for the CPU to push render updates to it. It's so bad that if I have anything else besides the game running, like a single video, then the resources for the game run dry. The result is stutters, low frame rate, input lag, and the absolute best: Video playback stalling or downgrading clear down to 240p (and still struggling).

Pushing the DDR4-2400 Hynix M-Die to DDR4-2933 was quite painful. This kit refuses to be stable passed 2933 unless its Command Rate (CR) is 2. I haven't tightened the sub-timings and I don't plan to. The voltage is right at the bottom of the specification limit for the memory chips themselves (1.5+/-0.6v). This kit is going to get retired for a set of 2x16GB DDR4-3600CL16 with the future update to Zen 2.

The update to this build (Zen 2) will likely move to PETG hard tubing. I'll also be separating the pump and reservoir, adding pass through fillports, and adding second 240mm slim radiator. The front filter assembly will be modified so that it no longer needs to be removed to remove the filter. This will allow me to stick to PETG throughout the build.

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I'm with you on Goliath. thats a beast.