I have a nice beastly machine, and I was going to build my brother a PC for his birthday, however there have been familial issues to the point where he snaps at me over anything, so I decided to keep it myself.

Overall, it's a good PC to have a guest use to play co-op games, or for me to do some work on, so I'll definitely be keeping it around. I feel I could have gotten some of this stuff cheaper, but I like to think it's pretty good. My next step is a video card that isn't on the fritz. However, I no longer have a job (hi-stress job for a teenager with major anxiety is a good way to burn out very quickly) so this will be my last build for a while. Feel free to ask any questions.

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  • 61 months ago
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Favorite part is the sock on the ground nice brand you may need to wash it though +1