My heaviest investment in AMD parts to date, going for a good hard look at how red the grass can be on the other side. It's not intended to match the overkill capacity of my spendthrift i9/RTX build, but it will make equally quick work of typical usage scenarios & drive a luxurious gaming experience at a formidable discount. This represents my basic understanding of AMD's mission & market share. To buy only the top end of their offerings would seem less faithful to the essence of economical performance.

The potentials of the 3800X's higher TDP drew me away from the 3700X, but I stopped short of Ryzen 9 because a dozen cores probably won't come into play enough of the time to justify that price leap. Speedy memory & the X570 chipset should give this Ryzen 7 all it needs to go flat-out. That leaves the Radeon VII no excuse to fall short of any potential wow factor.

Another notable seven involved here are the nanometers of lithography in the semiconductors of both CPU & GPU. Isn't that exciting, and lucky? I don't know. It's a numerical recurrence. Let's use it.

Part Reviews


It's already pretty great, but I chose this instead of the 3700X for the chance to try some reckless overclocking someday. I had the same idea years ago & never got around to it, but now the door is wide open again. For starters I'm just running stock with the Wraith Spire that came in the box.


One of the lower-priced X570s available at shopping time. Doesn't include all the video outputs that would go unused anyway without graphics in the CPU. Prior to BIOS update it refused to POST with A-XMP, then I still couldn't get the full 4133 MHz into the groove. Just going to leave it at 3933 & call it overclocked. If you ask me, the rewards of performance tweaking are kind of anticlimactic. I doubt I could tell the difference between 4133 & 3933 any better than 144 vs 120 FPS. Also it gave me some grief in the NVMe RAID booting process, but eventually I got the sequence right. Lacking some grace but overall an acceptable deal for X570.


I know this memory is good for the speed it claims, but without a high-end motherboard your experience may be less than smooth.


My original order of Samsung 970 EVOs was fumbled on the way here, so after another round of shopping I ended up with these. No disappointment to report thus far.


Using this mainly for backup of the RAID-0 C: drive. It's been doing fine for several months in another build.

Video Card

It draws pretty pictures, but this card hit 100°C in a minute of stress testing. I turned on the "Chill" thing but I don't think it applies to heavy loads. Yikes. Most everybody seems to prefer the RX 5700XT & I don't have a great argument against it with this cooker.


The first PC case I bought for building at home, starting a new chapter years later with some of the latest & greatest parts available.

Power Supply

Unless you're going for glamorous cable coordination, there's no reason to get any more modular than semi. Seasonic sells a fine power supply whichever way you want. This one didn't have the auxiliary 4-pin 12V power for the ambitious overclocker — which I'm not, but I got a Molex adapter to deliver the current anyway.

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  • 1 month ago
  • 1 point

Very nice build/components! Congratulations. Kudos for the BM scores and number matching. I did not know you could set memory above 3600. Thumbs up from me. Enjoy!

  • 1 month ago
  • 1 point

Thanks, glad you like it. They keep ramping up the frequencies of memory — this motherboard claims to support up to 4400 MHz. I still need to give manual overclocking a try. My first lesson could be with this memory I'm using here, trying to get at least the 4133 on its label.

  • 1 month ago
  • 1 point

It seems like the two fans going in opposite directions on the side panel would cause some weird airflow

  • 1 month ago
  • 1 point

Yeah, I'm not sure how much they will work against each other, but I knew the GPU had a lot of heat to exhaust from the side while the CPU needed to draw as much fresh air as possible. At some point I may do some comparisons with those fans flipped different ways.