I first wanted to build a PC 3 years ago. I only decided to do it now because it is when I have finished my GCSEs and was working as my motivation so that I would not go crazy over the six week exam period. I only started planning this is around October when my old PC, a Dell Inspiron 660s (with Pentium G630 Dual Core @ 2.7 Ghz, 4GB DDR3 RAM and a GT 620). started to pack up, it was blue screening every day and was becoming a real struggle to use. It was also a very small PC so there was no room for upgrading. I also had bought all of the parts before the Radeon 300 series cards were launched and wish that I had waited now. This PC was also built because I have been getting into gaming on PC and running it on my old one was a thing of worrying if I would be able to run the lowest settings at a playable frame rate (which half the time it worked and half the time it did not). I am also planning on taking computer science next year and felt that I would need something with a bit more power to be able to run the things that I create (but this is overkill for just that).

This build went quite smoothly, the 300r was a nice and easy case to work with. My only issues were fitting the 212 EVO, which I should have done before putting it in the case but I was stupid and did not look that far ahead; putting the lights in because I ripped half of the adhesive off when taking the backing because yet again I was not thinking; and finally I was getting really low performance over the first day and realised that I had the mobo on 'SLOW_MODE' because I was flicking random switches when I was building the PC. Other than that all things were simple.

I know that my cable management still needs work, both inside and out, which I will get to at a later date, but does not seem to be causing any issues at the moment. I am also running this PC on carpet but have placed a piece of cardboard underneath the PSU intake so that it does not get all of the dust going into it. I chose this case because it is a great size and has all of the features that I need (and want eg the window) for a great price.

Sorry if images are bad, they were taken on my phone as I do not have any better quality cameras to hand.

Part Reviews


This CPU cannot be faulted, I am yet to find something which causes it to struggle.

CPU Cooler

This is a great cooler and does a great job keeping my FX-8350 cool when in long sessions. However was difficult to fit.


Great motherboard, bios is nice and simple to use. However too many drivers needed to be installed and one of those was just to get on the internet which I found a bit stressful.


Brilliant ram, no issues at all and is very tall, this needs to be taken into comcideration with larger heatsyncs.


Awesome product, boots my PC in around 4 seconds and has no issues, however I have only used this for windows.


Brilliant, runs quiet and has a great amount of space, does not have any issues with speed either.

Video Card

Brilliant card. I have had nothing it cannot run well yet. It remains quiet under loads and the fans cannot be heard when I have my headset on. The GPU tweak from Asus makes over clocking quick and easy whilst also allowing the monitoring of temps and controlling the fans.


Love the case, no issues at all, window is huge and makes it nice and easy to see everything working inside. The build.quality is great and it had plenty of space for everything.

Power Supply

Does the job well, pleanty of wires and no issue.

Operating System

I have been using 8 since it came out (on my old PC) and I love it. It is so easy and simple to use.


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Whats that monitor?

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AOC E2250Swdn

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