I wanted to build the perfect LAN party, Gaming PC. I have always loved the look of the Silverstone SG05. Plus, this thing is tiny! With everything jammed into it it is an extremely light and portable gaming rig. One thing I was worried about was heat with this system but with the Prolimatech CPU cooler My Idle temps are right about 25 degrees celcius. It was hard to find a CPU cooler to fit this particular motherboard but this one fit like a glove and was easy to install.

I'm running every game I throw at this thing on max, and haven't really had any problems so far. The I7 and the GTX 760 are beasts!


Wiring in this machine is tough, there is almost no room to hide any wires, you have to get creative. Also the connections on the back of the power supply are so close to the HDD bay that it makes it very difficult to maneuver in there.

The front panel of the case is a bit cheap, it is held on with little plastic snaps, one of them broke the first time i pulled off the cover :(


  • 69 months ago
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sweet build, most compact i've seen. what temps are u getting on that gtx760. looks like a reference cooler.

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Nice work. I'm going to start building my machine with the same case soon and this was really helpful. Any suggestions on cable management?

  • 67 months ago
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That reference cooler looks really interesting; no manufacturer branding. Plus, I saw on Tom's a while ago this cooler in a thumbnail, the retail reference cards don't look this good. They don't have the aluminum-look on the blower fan, they don't have the GTX 760 print, and they don't have the green logo.

Did you get it straight from Nvidia?