This is my first build I've ever done from start to finish. I acquired all of the parts and started to assemble them. I chose most of the parts based off of a mid grade build that really doesn't break the bank if you purchase them one at a time. I had an old laptop that was running Windows 7 Home and was upgraded to Win10. It had the physical key on the machine, so I downloaded the Media Creation Tool from Microsoft and used it to boot. I had a few issues when I first started the build. I installed everything I had (all components) and had some issues with installing the power switch, and reset switch connectors. That problem was resolved. I then booted the PC up for the first time and was super excited! It's finally working. Well, as the Media Creation Tool was downloading on the old laptop, I went down to check the status on it. After I checked it, I walked back upstairs to the build and it was shut down. Tried to turn it back, and the LED power button light just turned on and then immediately turned off. So, I started diagnosing the issues, and after about two hours of trying different things, I diagnosed the MOBO or the PSU was the issue. I took both of them back to Best Buy where I bought them (same price as Amazon and kept the business local) and exchanged them. I then installed them and everything booted back up and no issues so far!!

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