Cpu- was super easy to install no problems. Cpu cooler- was a ***** to get in but i was able to do with some work. Mobo - love it super easy to overclock with. Memory- went with it cuz it black and red. Storage- did ssd and harddrive cuz i had the budget for it. Video card- just a beast of card. Psu- just steal at that price.

The other stuff I will change someday but for now i just had to get the tower done asap.

Overall the build was quite easy. The hardest part was getting that h100i in there. Loved every min. of it.


  • 74 months ago
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Looks great. How is that ram? I'm thinking of buying some. Were you able to OC it much above 1866 with fairly tight timings?

  • 73 months ago
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i pop them in and there was 2 xmp profiles i went with the second one which is faster then the listed one not sure how to overclock ram past that