I wanted a build a fully watercooled Kaby lake system w/ a OC Nvidia 1080 TI in the tiniest yet fashionable package possible, a Corsair 380T.

The complicated build had two challenges:

1) I didn't appreciate that the side rails designed for a Corsair H100i (Kaby lake is cool enough, needing only a single 120mm radiator). Instead I wanted the dual 240mm radiator compartment to cool the Nvidia 1080 TI only. I used Magicool G2 240mm slim 27mm thick dual 240mm radiator with 2X static Phanteks fans attached w/ cables joined to the controller of the video card's internal fan header. I did have to shave 2-3mm of one of the long plastic clips holding the front plastic bezel of the case to properly flush fit the radiator (the clip still retains and is fully functional). The single loop needed a combo pump and reservoir and I used the EK X-RES 100 DDC 3.1 PWM w/ a DDC 3.25 upgrade that was horizontally mounted behind the upper forward case fan (oriented so that the return feed on the bottom preventing bubbles. I then used Coollabratory's Liquid Ultra metal paste directly to the GPU and used high performance Polyfuji Extreme thermal pads over every chip as well as on the backside w/ an EK backplate. Maximal stable 2050MHz OC w/ moderate OV during a benchmark at 25c ambient I had a maximal 65C temperature. My Firestrike demo overall score is 22XX.

2) I had to deal with the 7700K water cooling. Initially I could not place the AIO Corsair H80i water cooler to the rear fan mounts due to a few millimeters of chassis restriction. I modded the upper chassis by shaving a minimal amount of metal to fit it. Lastly, I delidded the CPU and used Coollabratory's Ultra Liquid Metal paste and replaced the lid w/ another layer of the liquid metal paste for that last few degrees. At 4.9Ghz on all cores w/ ambient 25c the maximum temp during benchmark was 60C.

My system is fed by a 200mm fan in the front for flow. with the hard drive caddy just behind if and a high flow fan at top. Installed is Windows CIA version 10. I used 3X Samsung 850 EVO 1TB SSD on a RAID 5 configuration for a performance and fail safe w/ 256 bit AES BitLocker encryption. Archival Western Digital 5400RPM 2TB RED HDD. 16GB 3200Mhz Corsair Vengeance Red LED. The motherboard is a ASRock Fatal1ty Z270 ITX Gaming.

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  • 41 months ago
  • 1 point

+1 for adequate pictures and description. good build.

  • 37 months ago
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I know im really late to the build (going through 380T builds) but why not use something like a Kraken G10 and then mount an H100i or a Kraken x51 to the 980Ti?

  • 10 months ago
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Amazing you were able to get the rad in the back. I actually have a very similar build. You kinda went *** backward though. Your 1080 ti does not need a 240mm rad, my single 1080 ti hybrid can't ever get over 58 degrees under the highest OC and demand. But my 5ghz 7700k w/ dlid is destroyed 90c throttle under prime with a single rad. Will be going 240 rad on the cpu and trying to get my gpu rad in the back now that I see it's possible. Awesome job with the push pull in the back.