This was my first build, something that I've been wanting to do for a couple years. With Christmas sales underway I decided to start buying some of these parts after getting ideas from the community on what I should get. I got my gpu off my friend cheap after he got a new one (it's actually a Gainward GTX 560 GS, but the site doesn't have that...) and I decided to use my tv as my monitor. I had the OS already from my grandmas PC that she got a few years back (win 7 upgraded to win 10). No problems running, haven't broken anything yet.

Looking back at this build, I wonder whether I was better off getting a different CPU and motherboard to support ddr4 ram, and also just a different CPU that supports more pci-e lanes, despite not needing more than 16 right now.

I use the PC for games, and video editing for my YT channel (when I actually manage to get the software) and also for schoolwork if I happen to need to do anything computer related (only because it's faster than my laptop which take to school).

I'm looking at a bit of feedback, including if I should go get water cooling for my CPU, or just get a better CPU cooler. Also what GPU I should look to upgrade to, as I'm planning on moving on from the GTX 560 sometime in the next year or so. And any other general improvements I could make (besides cleaning the clutter inside the PC, cause that's already done). I'm Aussie btw, so if you're suggesting parts check that they're in stock with the Australian site!

Part Reviews


A solid worker, handles everything I throw at it and can handle gaming + OBS recording reasonably well, although you'd be better off with a hyperthreaded i7.


Great RAM, enough for what I need with video editing etc. but I did need to enable XMP in order to run it at the advertised 1600 MHz, but that may be just my MOBO.


Well I haven't had any other SSDs to compare this to, but it rocks! Loads Windows 10 and logs me in in less than 10 seconds! Not sure how it compares with the cheaper SSDs but I feel it's worth the money.


Solid worker, used as my main storage drive, hasn't had any problems and I would gladly buy another barracuda anytime.


Decent case, has all the storage slots you'd need, but cable management could be better, it kinda lacks management holes above the mobo, also I can't fit a hyper 212x! But that's to be expected from a mid tower.


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Nice build. You should try to hide some of those cables through the openings on the other side. It will look very clean. Just an idea.

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Thanks for the advice, I've updated the pictures with the cables as hidden as possible