I acknowledge the fact that the case sucks. Look, I cheaped out, okay?

With the monitor, this PC costs an extra $200, but I don't include it in the final cost because monitors are more of a personal choice. Also, this is a computer I built in July 2013. Keep that in mind.

So far in using this machine, I have experienced no problems whatsoever. As for initial build problems, the only thing I have complaints about is the case. It looks good for the cost, functions well, but cable management options aren't too great inside. Also, you have to buy a separate drive cage to mount 2.5" drives, but that's not really a complaint. In short, it offers great stability and functions well.

This is a mid-range build, but it can handle some serious gaming. In benchmarks, this machine could run Battlefield 4 on Ultra settings without any lag at 60-80 FPS. Skyrim plays on all Ultra settings, all while getting 70-95 FPS. If any of you know of a game called War Thunder (which, by the way, is free and amazing, go check it out), this PC can run everything maxxed out at 40-60 FPS (the highest settings on this game are very beautiful and graphicly stressful).

On another note, this thing is a beast when it comes to video rendering. I was able to render a one-minute, 1080P video in Sony Vegas in 3.5 minutes. That, at least in my opinion, is amazing. This is mostly thanks to the SSD, which I use as a boot drive, as well as a holder for special programs (Vegas being one of them). Speaking of booting, this machine turns on, from the moment you click the button to the moment the start screen pops up, in just 10 seconds. Also, with 1TB of storage capacity (plus whatever is left on the SSD after Windows installation), there's plenty of room for pictures and whatnot. Optical Drive works just fine, quite fast with a 64MB cache.

Overall, if you're someone who has a pretty good budget for a build, or if you're an above average gamer, this is definitely the way to go. You get great performance for a great price, and it can tackle any game out on the market right now at a minimum of high settings (even Crysis 3).

P.S: Sorry for the bad picture quality, I was using my iPad because I couldn't find a decent camera. Better pictures coming soon!

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  • 68 months ago
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That's a sweet build! Looking for Source 210 builds with SSDs + 7870 GHz edition graphics cards, and found this one. You said you need a 2.5" drive cage for 2.5" drives. How do you fit another drive cage to it? Or do you just mean a 3.5" to 2.5" adapter? Please let me know as I am making a very similar build

  • 68 months ago
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I was talking about an adapter, but it's not even entirely necessary. I actually have my SSD hanging in my case from its sata cable and it's perfectly fine. Thanks for the comment!

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