I've lost count at how many times I have moved my Xbox from room to room, or from one mates house to another, or on hotel trips. So when I purchased a new LG OLED 4K telly for my birthday, I knew I had to revive the PC gamer in me and build a suitable 4K powerplant, and with my fondness for taking my gaming with me, it had to be portable.

It also had to be quiet. Reaaaally quiet. The xbox is a noisy thing, especially when the dvd drive is going. It was cured to some extent by installing games on the HD but still too loud for my liking.

So if it needs to play 4K games, it needs a beefy graphics card, and theres a good few out there with AIO watercooled systems. This will be the biggest spend on the build, but a beast of a TV needs some brawn behind it. I settled for a Gigabyte GTX 980 TI Waterforce. Coming with a 120mm radiator and decent software, it was also pretty long at 282mm, it also has an extra PCI-e power plug on the end of the card, meaning finding a small case to fit it, which is still portable might prove to be an issue, especially as it needs to take a full size PSU.

The Corsair 380T seemed to fit the bit perfectly, although its limited to ITX mobo's only. It would be nice to have seen a slightly wider version for ATX boards, which could support 2 cards in SLI, but then it wouldn't sit perfectly on top of my Corsair Air 240 so you can't have everything. (And if I do ever need to go SLI, then the Corsair Air 240 will step up to the mark).

I elected to go skylake and get an i7-6700k, coupled with a H100i GTX cooler which sits on the 380T's side rails.

The motherboard options are slightly limited in ITX versions but also provide the benefit of added wireless & bluetooth without extra dongles, which is nice! I chose the ASRock Fatal1ty Z170 Gaming-ITX/ac, reasonably priced with lots of USB 3.0 and 3.1 ports. The UEFI software is really nice too.

Memory is provided by Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-3200. I didn't plan to get 3200's but the cost difference wasn't much between the different speeds.

SSD is a Sandisk Ultra II 960GB that was ~£150 in an Amazon deal of the day.

PSU is a Corsair 860W - Overkill for this rig without dual GFX cards but it is silent, which is a good thing, as I returned a EVGA G2 1300W Supernova which cost less (on offer at Scan) but was loud at no load, damn louder than the OCZ Fatal1ty 550W that I already owned and compared it to on the bench.

Been getting between 35-45 fps at 4K 60hz on just cause 3, max settings

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  • 48 months ago
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Great build, my similar build of this should be coming in next week. This actually really helped settle a lot of nerves if the 980 Ti Water-cooled Radiator would fix on the back as it seemed like a very snug fit from the measurements and a few others said they couldn't get their custom loop radiators on the back.

  • 48 months ago
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It's a tight fit, and it causes the back panel to push out slightly, but doesn't interfere with any of the i/o ports.

Tried it in lots of various configs, including mounting at the front but it pushed too much hot air into the case so it had to go on the back really.

Good luck with your build :)

  • 48 months ago
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I'm going with the same mobo, and h100 config.

How'd you solve the ram tabs hitting the h100's fans? Im just going to cut the fan mounts a little to make it work.

Also, does the mobo support booting from the m.2 drive?

  • 48 months ago
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Hey buddy,

The fans are mounted on the outermost side of the case, so the radiator is nearest the ram tabs. It's a very snug fit, so I will peek a closer look tomorrow to see how close it is. Are you planning on mounting fans in a push pull config on the h100?

Not sure on the m.2 booting, not got one yet.


  • 48 months ago
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I originally had the fans in the front of the H100 with the radiator mounted to the case bars.

After thinking about it, the way you did it will work a little better.

Is there any issue with the ram being close to the radiator? I'm going to be running the G Skill TridentZ ram and I'm hoping it doesn't cause an issue. Tried to find a set of ram that doesn't have massive heatsinks.

Hows the PSU cables working out? Was going to order some custom ones that were about half as long as the stock ones to help. Going to get better measurements once I get it together. May even make my own .

  • 48 months ago
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Forgot to check on the ram situ today lad as I was uograding the hackintosh and building anothe rig out my scraps to get rid.

Power cables are fine. The 24 pin atx could be shorter, you can see it coiled underneath the right hand side of the rad. Couple of cable ties and they are out the way.

I wouldn't bother with custom shorter cables unless your pure ocd. I'm not, function over form all day long!

  • 48 months ago
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Yea my OCD will get me on that one.

Also could you check to see if there's any option for booting from M.2? If there's an option I could probably do it. I hope, it was my reasoning behind the m.2 drive anyway.

Thanks for the responses. I'm just waiting on shipping then my parts list will be all finished, and ready for install.

  • 48 months ago
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Heh, I'm into classic cars too and all my boys are OCD too. Makes me laugh.

Can't really check on the m2 front lad as I have no m2 drives but there is no reason it shouldn't as its a high spec chipset and board. Plus the whole reason you'd want m2 like you say is for your os. Reckon you will be fine.

Good luck lad, not too long now!

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