This is my first build and is replacing a Dell XPS purchased in 2006, seen in one of the pics (sorry pics are terrible), for everyday use, games and flight simming.

This site has be invaluable to me as a beginner. In all took somewhere around 25hrs in research to figure out what I wanted. The build itself was extremely straight forward.

Temperatures at load to the right are approximate ball park from memory, using HWMonitor to glance at temps while flying X-Plane. Definitely nothing in the high 50's so far.

Machine is very quiet at standard fan speeds/profile and is running well at stock speeds. Way quieter than the Dell next to it. Very happy with this build.

All prices shown include tax and shipping. Total came in around $1500

CPU - i5 4670K unlocked. Not much else to say, I felt I did not need hyperthreading. Paid $199 plus tax at a local Microcenter. Running stock speeds - will try overclocking at some point.

CPU Cooler - Hyper 212 Evo. Nice, big, aircooler. Used Arctic MX-4 thermal paste. Install took 15 minutes to swap out the stock heat sink. My only issue was that I had to flip the fan around to pull rather than push due to clearance to RAM.

Motherboard - Asus Maximus Hero VI - Pretty awesome board. More features than I probably will need. Integrated sound card but no Wireless. Black and red matches the RAM I chose. Has a digital readout showing codes during operation which is nice. During first boot got an error 55. A quick look in the manual told me that was 'memory not installed'. I immediately found out than I can not run in the A2/B2 slots. Had to move the RAM to A1/B1 (which meant I had to flip the cooler fan around). AI Suite seems great. I've only tuned the fan profiles so far. A USB3 connector at 90 degrees would have been nice instead of pointing straight off of the board.

Memory - G.Skill Trident X DDR3 1600/CAS 7 - 16Gb (2 sticks of 8) Fast latency for 1600. Color matches motherboard. Aluminum heat spreader is nice. Tried removing it on slot A1 to gain room for fan as a pusher, but the fan still put too much pressure on the stick. Gave it a 4 because it is only running at 1333 installed (I hear some manufactures do this for marketing). Should be simple to bump the speed up to 1600 but haven't gotten around to looking into it.

Storage - Samgung 840 EVO 250Gb SSD - Went with a single SSD and no HDD for now. I'm only putting a few games on and other basic tools. Boot speed and game loading speeds are pretty impressive compared to HDD

Video Card - EVGA GTX770. 2GB Version (2774-KR) - 4GB version is probably not needed for what I'm doing (single display at 1920x1080). By the time I could use 4GB, I'll be ready to update the card anyhow. A 780 would have been nice but could not justify the cost. Running X-plane 10 at 30fps in big cities with options medium to high range and HDR turned on. 50 - 80 fps out of the city or smaller airports. Came with 3 games. Overall pretty happy.

Case - Corsair 750D - Big case. Lots of room especially considering I have one card and only a single SSD. Looks very cool. Gave it a 4 because the manual said it should have come with 4 mother board standoffs but only came with 1. I had to do some homework to find out that NO standoffs need to be installed with ATX if the centering pin is left in place. Small issue but more confusing that it should have been - manual is worthless. Also noticed a small grouping of scratches on the inside of the clear panel a few days after I was up an running. I'm positive that it was not from me - kinda bummed me out.

Power Supply - Corsair HX750. Nothing more to say, 5 stars. Oh, one thing - I would have liked to mount with the fan facing up to help draw a more little air through the case. This was NOT possible due to 8 pin length and distance needed to reach the motherboard. The case has a filter for mounting fan down, so not a big deal.

Drive - Asus DVDR - Low cost, works great. Got the B1ST just because B3ST was out of stock. $3 promo and this drive was only $17 bucks. 5 stars.

OS - Windows 7 Home premium 64 bit - I wasn't really feelin' Windows 8. Could have gone either way.

Custom - Lighting - NZXT Hue - For <$30 what the heck. Fun to turn it on once in awhile and play with the different colors at night. My son thinks its cool. The adhesive tape looses grip after about 30 mins. Had to add small clear tape in sections to keep it secured.

Only thing left is mechanical keyboard with back lighting with mx blue's and a basic wireless mouse. Already had a 26" 1080p TV.

Have fun with your builds



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Nice build and cable management!

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Thanks DDawg426!

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What's your opinion on the memory?