My first new rig in the last 9 years. Originally ordered GPU back-ordered with BF Ebay coupon for $100 discount, but seller cancelled because he sold items he did not have in stock. Ebay reimbursed the coupon, and I used that towards a 1080 Ti SC to get a ridiculous value for performance. Everything is running snazzy.

Lots of hunting down deals via and hawking PCPartPicker/Google Shopping for the best prices. I could have done a little better in a few instances (about $30ish less in overall cost), but overall, I'm happy with how I made out.

This rig is blazing fast on the cheap - really can't complain.

Also got Windows 10 for Education for free, that that helped out on cost quite a bit as well.

Part Reviews


Solid chip that easily overclocked to a modest 3.9 GHz w/o breaking a sweat. Could probably push it further given the airflow focused build, but I'm happy with the temps vs. performance currently.

CPU Cooler

Amazing cooler, though a little pricey, even with the BF special Newegg had running. The looks are just stunning, and it runs silent. This cooler keeps my CPU at ~36C idle, and even with an AIDA64 stress test running 8 cores and 16 threads - 66C during full load. Ram clearance is no problem when combined with LPX memory.


This MB had all the features I wanted between BT 5.0, wireless AC WiFi, solid VRMs, and easy to navigate BIOS. It does lack USB-C front I/O, but given the complete lack of solid airflow cases with this option, I can't bring myself to deduct a star - especially when factoring how inexpensive this board is vs other boards with this feature set.


Amazing RAM - not sure why I even used Dominators in the past, or Ripjaws. I was also able to overclock these to 3466Mhz as per my motherboard specs, really impressive.


SSD prices keep plummeting. Got this for a boot drive, and it's astounding how fast this runs.

Video Card

Amazing performance from a card that stayed surprisingly relevant even after the new RTX cards were released due to the unimpressive performance gains of the RTX line, and the sky-high premiums for that early adopter tax. This card is running amazingly cool even under load, and very quiet despite the slightly more aggressive fan curve vs competitor cards.


Really solid case, that was a pleasure to build in. Cable management is top notch, very aesthetically pleasing with the TG. My only issue is the top-left corner of the MB is hard to reach with this case due to the size, so I had to finagle the CPU power cable through the cable management groove, and slowly drop the MB in while pulling in the cable. A small price to pay though for the top notch airflow and small form factor that still supports full on ATX.

Power Supply

So far, so good. Seasonic responded to my inquiry about certain GPU incompatibilities within less than 24 hours. Previously had a 750 watt Corsair PSU that lasted me 9 years, so I'm hopeful this is every bit as good. Also Hybrid mode is nice.

Case Fan

Solid for the 2 140mm intake fans I can fit into this case. x2 140mm > 3x 120mm intake fans. Combine that with the legendary Noctua quality, and non-poop colored scheme, and it's a win in my book.

Case Fan

These are great fans, though in full disclosure, I purchased one of these hoping that the anti-vibration pads would fit the Redux line. They do not - greedy Noctua... but I do have to give them credit where credit is due. Really good static pressure fan that runs silent.


  • 13 months ago
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What voltage is your 1700X at?

  • 13 months ago
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I placed the voltage at 1.35 for now. I may undervolt it a bit further in the future, but I haven't had time to see how low I can push it while maintaining stability at 3.9Ghz.

  • 12 months ago
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nice build, I plan to build with the same mobo, memory and the 2700x. Any issue mounting the Dark Rock Pro 4? Because you're not using the 2nd fan on the cpu cooler.

  • 12 months ago
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Thanks! I have no clearance issues - both fans are in use at the moment. Remember, the fan on the Dark Rock Pro 4 has the 2nd fan on the outside, which is displayed in the picture, and the primary fan wedged between the 2 towers of the heatsink, which is not visible in the picture I took. It is possible to add a 3rd fan, if that's what you were referring to, but I chose not to opt for an additional CPU fan, as the system is running cool enough, and I wanted to try and stick to a specific budget.