So I use this PC for gaming and light video editing. I've been playing on console my whole life playing with friends and such. Then I discovered YouTube channels like Linus Tech Tips, Rags, BitWit (AwesomeSauceNetwork), Bullet Barry, Paul's Hardware, Austin Evans, and JayzTwoCents. So I built this PC to play games at 4k Ultra at 60fps.

Part Reviews


Great Processor! I almost never go above 30% usage.

CPU Cooler

Thanks to this cooler my cpu stays at great temps. It was however, difficult to install.


Lots of sata ports for future storage upgrades and 2 M.2 slots. In general, a very nice board to work with.


Really Fast Read/Write Speeds

Video Card

4k Ultra 60FPS on every game I play.


Just got the case because it was nice looking.


  • 27 months ago
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Interesting choice with the i5. Didn't forsee much use from an i7, or individuality and not slapping a 7700K/1080Ti together?

  • 27 months ago
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A mixture of both really. Made this before Ryzen dropped because if it wasn't this it would probably be this :

I just grew impatient.

  • 16 months ago
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What monitor do you use for 4k@60 gaming? I'm looking to build a pc for the same purpose.

  • 6 months ago
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What’s your monitor? U said you play at 4K 60fps. A link would be appreciated

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  • 27 months ago
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It's a joke on how much ram chrome uses when having multiple tabs. If you are interested on how I feel about the ram, I think it;s very good for video editing, gaming, and all my other uses