In the process of moving to a new city, I needed to build another computer to take with me, and what better time to do so then on Black Friday! This would be mostly used for gaming, with some video editing taken into consideration.

I began looking at prices in the middle of November, and found some good deals at my local Microcenter. Reserved my parts on the Wednesday before Black Friday and was able to skip the line on the day of.

The deal on the Ryzen 7 CPU was too good to pass up, so I went with the AMD 2700X. Microcenter offered $30 off for a compatible motherboard, so I went with the excellent B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC from MSI for its WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities while on a budget.

I was planning on getting a 1TB NVME SSD for about $130, but found that the Samsung 860 Evo dropped down to $90 on the day of, and felt that the savings justified sticking with SATA for the time being.

For RAM, I went with the cheapest 16 GB I could find at the time, and found the G.Skill series for $60.

Seagate 2 TB Hard Drive was only $50, so I went forward with it for storage, mainly for single-player games.

The Fractal Meshify C case wasn't on a discount, but I heard many good things about the case and happily paid full price for it. Was completely worth it as building inside it was an ease, and the tempered glass helps keep the RGB lights from being too distracting.

PowerSpec 650W is Microcenter's brand of power supply, and does its job sufficiently. Is semi-modular, cords were long enough, and price for it was good IMO.

I didn't get a discount either for the GTX 1660 Super, which was a shame but I didn't want to wait several more days to save maybe $10. For convenience, I bought this for standard price at the store. Good mid-range graphics card, and the CUDA cores are useful for Adobe Premiere

Peripherals were bought at other places. Starting with the monitor, Office Depot had a deal for the AOC C24G1 monitor that looks pretty good, and runs 144 Hz well too.

For keyboard, I loved my friend's Corsair K70, so I went with the K95 with Brown switches on sale at Best Buy. Not the greatest discount, but the feel, the Macro keys and customizable RGB made this worth it for me.

Mouse, I felt that the G502 was too heavy for my liking, so I instead went for the G403 which I'm liking a great deal. Feels just right, and the simple design appealed to me as well.

Overall, build works phenomenally. Able to run modern games like Outer Worlds and Witcher 3 with Very High or Ultra settings and maintain 60+ FPS consistently. Haven't stress-tested it too hard with benchmarks, but will do so soon.

Thanks for reading! Enjoy the (not so great) pictures. Some are from my previous residence and most are from current one (PC on top of book, not carpet just in case anyone asks, apologies for the messy cables. I'll clean them up.)

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  • 2 months ago
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This is really solid for the price. All you need now is some cable management :)

  • 1 month ago
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Is the 1TB 860 EVO your boot drive?