I have been building PCs now for about 5 years. I have built a few for family members and friends over the years. This PC is a conglomeration of parts that I have collected and upgraded for the past 2-4 years. My most recent purchases were the GTX 780, the Corsair H110, and the QNIX 27" 1440p monitor. I use my machine mainly for gaming and browsing, but I occasionally do some video editing and other multitasking activities. I also use my primary desktop to connect with my file server so I can manage all of my TV shows and Movies that I stream over the network to my media computers.

CPU: I still have the "old" Sandy Bridge 2500K processor that I bought over 2 years ago. I must say that this thing is awesome! I have it overclocked to 4.5Ghz, might go higher but not really needing to. Don't have any reason to upgrade this in the current gaming/cpu market at the moment.

CPU Cooler: I bought this because I was having heat issues with my zalman 9500 hsf. The zalman I had wasn't really meant for high overclocks, so I purchased the Corsair H110. Dramatic decrease in temps! I ran prime95 for over 24hrs to test it out and the highest I got was 53 C. Very impressed with the H110 and I would highly recommend!

Motherboard: So I bought this 2 years ago with my CPU. I was kind of on a budget at the time so I went with an ASRock instead of an ASUS which is my more preferred brand. I've been very impressed with ASRock for the price I paid. This thing overclocks well and it have been working great for me. I have no reason to upgrade this while I still have my i5 2500k.

Memory: I was VERY fortunate when I bought my ram 2 years ago. DDR3 was much more affordable then than it is now. I faced the decision between getting 8GB or 16GB. Since the 16GB was only $85 at the time I figured why not get it now while it's cheap? The ram has worked great so far. The only issue I've had was when installing my CPU Cooler, the high profile ram heat sinks would not allow it to fit in my case. So instead of buying new ram or heatsinks, I removed them in order to get it to fit. So my ram looks ugly now but I might buy some low profile heatsinks to put on them in the future. But I'll probably just wait until I do my next big upgrade CPU/RAM/Motherboard.

Storage: These are probably my oldest components in this PC. I believe I bought my SSD and HDD around 2010? The Crucial C300 was one of the very first 6 GB/s SSDs at the time. SSDs have improved quite a bit in performance and capacity since then and I will probably be looking into upgrading to a 1TB SSD around black friday this year.

Video Card: I have always been an AMD/ATI owner but I absolutely LOVE my GTX 780! This thing is so freaking amazing. It was a huge upgrade from my AMD HD6950 that I previously owned. I bought this a few months ago right after AMD released the 290/290X non-reference cards. I was so close to buying a reference 290 when they first came out because some of them could be flashed to a 290X and they were only $400. My biggest drawback to buying one was the reference design and heat/noise it produced. Then when the non-reference cards came out and coinminers went crazy, the market prices skyrocketed. So making the decision to go with Nvidia was a no brainer for me. So far I've played mostly Battlefield 4 with this card and it has been awesome. I can usually get over 60fps with almost max settings w/ my 1440p monitor. I definitely want to try SLI in the near future but I have to wait until I have more money :/

Case: This is the best case I have ever owned. This is the original NZXT Phantom case. I originally bought it back when I had 2x HD4850s in crossfire. Those things ran so hot and I needed a good case to cool them. The Phantom was the answer for me. The case also has amazing cable management capabilities and a TON of space. I currently have 3x200m and 5x140mm case fans installed.

Power Supply: I've had this for about 3 years now and it has not let me down. Plenty of power with great stability. My only BIG mistake that I will never make again about PSUs is to always get MODULAR. I wasn't too picky about cable management at the time and didn't see the need to spend an extra $30 or so on a modular so I went with non-modular. Cable management is a pain with this thing and there are a lot of extra power sata cable that I don't need right now. So stick with modular people! I have really enjoyed seeing the sleeve covers on several people's builds on here and would love to add those to mine in the near future.

Monitor: This is honestly one of the best 1440 monitors you can get right now for the price. I did a lot of research into these Korean monitors before I finally pulled the trigger. I have been very happy with it so far! Much better vibrant colors over my old TN monitor I have. My biggest concern with buying this were how it would affect FPS games since it does have a higher response time. In all the hours of Battlefield I've played on it, I honestly don't ever notice any ghosting or lag. I currently have the refresh rate oc'd to 97hz.

The pics don't really do it justice since my cell phone camera sucks. So sorry the pics aren't that great.


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lol "kind of on a budget", so you settled on a $140 mobo. I see how it is...

Just kidding, great job!

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motherboard colors = puke lol. great build however +1

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Yes I was very indecisive at first about whether or not it would be worth upgrading to the 1150 mobo to enable pci e 3.0 or simply just getting an Ivy Bridge CPU. After going through several benchmark scores, I decided it wasn't really worth the price to upgrade for a few extra fps. But it is annoying knowing that I'm not using it to it's full potential :/

Connecting the 8 pin cpu power wasn't hard at all as long as I plug it in first and then connect the H110.

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