So this here is my first complete computer build. I at first never really thought of building my computer. I originally just wanted a mid-range gaming laptop but that quickly changed. My friend (Chimera) (his build: told me that he was going to build his own computer. I at first thought that was cool but never really thought I'd ever be able to build my own anyway. Gradually, over time, the thought grew on me and eventually I made the decision to go ahead and build my own. At first I had no freaking clue what I was doing. I mean I definitely had some knowledge in computers but not in like the actual parts of the computer. After searching many forums and asking questions online I noticed a lot of people were using this website called "pcpartpicker" I eventually visited this site and boy was I FREAKING EXCITED! This website is so awesome and helpful! The amount of organization in this site is just appalling. I mean I was literally saving the links of the parts I wanted to get in Word! Thank you so much PcPartpicker for such an awesome site! Anyway... my build changed like 50 times in the course of 5-6 months. Reason being, I wanted everything to work properly, effiecently, and powerfully all at a price that I could afford. At first I based my build at around $500 which eventually boosted up to what it is now. Chimera (we're friends in real life) kept telling me "your gonna go higher bro I know you are" and of course I was like "no I think I'm fine here." Of course I gave in and went higher and the "I told you so's" were continuous.

 Once I got reaaaaaaally close to having the money for my build I really started to triple check all my parts to make sure they were what I wanted/needed. One of my last-second choices was to add an SSD. Which was by the way, WELL WORTH THE MONEY. Another one of those last-second switch's was switching to the equal-in-power GSkill RAM for a cheaper price. At least a week after I ordered all my parts they all gradually came in. I originally planned on having my friend (Chimera) come over and help me build it but not all my parts came in when he came so I had to build it on my own a few days later. The only reason for wanting him over was to have some help on wiring it and also good ol' company.

 Now for the assembly. Once I got back from work (8:00pm) on the day my last part came in (motherboard) I immediately set to work on building it. I had a few WTF/High stress/Super Sweaty moments but I figured them out by midnight. One of which was when I placed the CPU in wrong. I knew that if there was too much force I could break the motherboard. That's was a very sweaty moment. Eventually I did get it to fit though. Another moment was that I couldn't find the audio cable to plug in my motherboard which was highly stressful. The final moment was when I first turned it on and it said"Power down and plug in PCI-Express cable" I thought I did something wrong, which I did but nothing major. All it was was that I hadn't plugged in the other 8pin cord. I only plugged in just one 6pin cord instead of both. Besides that everything turned on fine and worked smoothly. I started building at 9:30pm and ended at 1:30am after finishing installing windows. Yes I did take a long time but only because I wanted to.

 My computer build named "Arkenstone" (I named it that because it was going to be a massive amount of value to me) runs mega fast and is as quiet as a bee (lol). My start up time is about 12-14 secs and my log in time is around 5-6 secs. Part of this being because of my SSD. This was timed after I installed over 200gb of programs so this is as fast as it will normally be. As of now every thing is at its default settings. I might overclock in the future but at the same time I want this to last a long time.

 As for performance, I am able to play all my games on maxed out settings. I play MW3, MW2,  Just Cause 2 and a few other games like Left for Dead 2. None of these are extremely graphic intensive but on the site "canyourunit" says that I can run Skyrim, Far Cry 3 , Crysis 3 with good performance. Anything lower than those I can run flawlessly. I also enjoy video editing in programs like After Effects. This Beast can run all Adobe Programs as smooth as butter (I have the CS6 Master Collection). As for framerate (now keep in mind this is default settings) I get a stable 60fps in most programs with Fraps running, and in MW3 I get a consistent 90fps with Fraps running as well.

Now that I have summed up everything here are my comments on my parts:

CPU - Excellent, its unlocked and runs flawlessly.

Motherboard - Surprisingly great quality, I was expecting it to have a cheaper feel.

Memory - Awesome, runs great and they fit my blue/ white color theme.

HDD - Great, pretty heavy but very strong

SSD - Totally worth the money. Was a little hesitant because some said my SSD would crash but so far its freaking fast!


Case - AMAZING! If I build another computer I'm getting one similar to this indefinitely!

PSU - Powerful (LOL)

Optical Drive - Surprisingly good quality! Thought I was getting a cheapo but in reality it's very sturdy and strong.

Mouse - Totally awesome! I originally had a claw grip but I wanted to develop a palm. This mouse OWNS! Clicking this can be addicting! Its also extremely comfortable. Fits my hands perfectly.

 So yeah, this sums it all up! This is pretty long but I just had to spew it all out :D  Oh also, thank you PcPartPicker! I also want to thank CareyHolzman for posting a lets build that almost had EXACTLY every part of mine in his. He is the one who guided me the wiring :D  In fact, here's his video I followed :

I HIGHLY RECCOMEND his videos! Totally in depth and very simple!

Oh also, some quick tips from experience. For those of you out there that are building your computer for your first time DO NOT get a 128gb SSD go for a 256gb instead. It's only been a matter of 3 weeks and mine's already filled up. Go with a 128gb only if you want to put your OS on there and maybe like some programs, but definately not your games. You'll run out of space way too fast.


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I would've gone with a 7970 for that price. The RAM also seems a bit high in price for that

The CPU idle temp seems a bit high to me? But not sure on that

All in all though congrats on your first build it looks great! :)

  • 75 months ago
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Probably because of the stock fan? But I have never used a Ivy with a stock fan.

  • 75 months ago
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I was thinking that but it still seems kind of high even for a stock fan

  • 75 months ago
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It seems to by 5-7*C high.

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£300 Could've got you a 770 or a 7970 GHz edition.

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Watch out or Benedict Cumberbatch come and steal it from you :)

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I think you could have saved some money on the MB and SSD but hey, good solid build and u seem happy. +1

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"GPU - EPIC". while it is great (i know, i have it), don't use epic.

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That was a pretty epic response.


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