My processor-motherboard-memory combination is old (about 7 years). Hopefully that changes soon, as I hope to sell the aforementioned components and upgrade to Haswell (I have a 4690K and an MSI Z97 PC MATE, just waiting on RAM).

The Core 2 Quad Q6600 was slowing me down at 2.4 GHz. Fortunately, (even if it IS old) I have a gaming-grade motherboard. I overclocked it to 3.2 GHz with the Nepton 140XL. For a CPU that is nearing 8 years old, it still runs nicely for what I do.

The Nepton 140XL is a good CLC, but the way I have it setup in my build is really ghetto. I barely managed to fit it in the top of my Source 210. I had to move my CD drive down to the bottom slot, because the radiator was taking up part of the top slot. I put one of the Rosewill fans pushing air through the radiator. This isn't optimal, because the Rosewill fans are 12cm, and the radiator is 14cm. I couldn't fit the 14cm fans even only in push on the radiator because there were clearance issues with the motherboard. The temps are decent with it; Certainly cooler than the stock cooler.

My memory setup used to be really complicated, totaling 7GB occupying 4 slots. I sold most of it, and I'm down to a 1x4GB stick, half of the kit that's in the parts list. The other module from that kit died. I'm and I'm saving up for a Haswell upgrade, so I'm going to sell the rest of the memory, along with the CPU and the motherboard.

My motherboard might be old, but it was top-of-the-line back in its day. It has 2 PCI-E x16 slots, 2 PCI slots, and 2 PCI-E x1 slots. I've occupied 1 x16 slot with my GTX 770, and 1 PCI slot with a 5 port USB card that I got off of a different build that someone gave to me.

The OCZ ARC100 is a decent SSD (so far), fast read-writes, and a lovely home for my operating system. It's fairly cheap, too. I haven't had any issues with it as of yet.

My hard drive setup is really weird. I'm a bit of a storage freak, so I have a few TB spread across 5 hard drives. My case doesn't have any more open bays (2 bays are taken up by the GTX 770).

Speaking of my GTX 770, it's a really nice graphics card. My CPU (Yeah, yeah, I'm saving up for Haswell) is sort of bottlenecking, it though; I have frame dips in Watch Dogs. I don't think the graphics card is the cause of those frame dips. Good GPU, I'm glad I have it.

The CD drive I have reads and writes CDs, and reads and writes DVDs. I don't have any Blu-Rays.

I really enjoy having and using Windows 7 Ultimate. BitLocker is great for USB drives. My dad has an MSDN subscription, and for that I am thankful.

I have these fans mounted to the top of my case: One on the radiator, and one just bolted onto the other fan mount. The one on the radiator pushes hot CPU exhaust out of the case, and the other one (in the back of the case) pulls cooler air into the case, blowing on the CPU block and the top of the graphics card. They're fairly noisy, so that's something to keep in mind. They don't bother me, though - I wear headphones.

I'm really into mechanical keyboards, but I'm unfortunately poor, so I got the cheapest board on the market that sports Cherry MX Blues. I've been looking into Hall Effect keyboards. My grandpa has two of them, but he lives in Manitoba, Canada, and I live in Texas, USA, so shipping them would be a bit expensive, as Hall Effect keyboards are generally larger in size. Another issue is converting them to USB. Hall Effect keyboards began production in the 1960s, and ended in the 1990s, so they didn't terminate in USB; In fact, they use an entirely different protocol. A person that goes by the screen-name of HaaTa can convert them to USB or PS/2 (PS/2 preferably), but he lives in California, so the shipping of those boards would become a bit of a circus.

I've had to mod this mouse like crazy. I bought it at Fry's for $60, which was sort of an impulse buy. My friend has an M.M.O.7, and he let me use it at his house one time. The thing was amazing to game with, so the R.A.T.3 caught my eye. After a bit of modding, it fit my massive hands.

I got the Superlux HD668Bs on sale at Amazon for ~$40.00. They sound really good, because the manufacturers basically only focus on sound quality and comfort, not marketing or making them look good. They look okay, and I use them at school and stuff. They're not as portable as earbuds, but I work with them.

I use the Turtle Beach X31s when I'm in Skype calls on my computer and such, especially when gaming. They fit my head nicely, and the cans are comfortable. I can go hours with them on, where as after a couple of hours with the HD668Bs on, it gets uncomfortable. This headset has an okay mic, good enough for Teamspeak.

My monitors aren't really gaming-grade, but they work nicely. I have the SyncMaster 204BW as my main monitor, and the 1909W sort of as an auxiliary. I like them, but I wish the SyncMaster 204BW's stand would be able to go up just a little further, as I find myself either looking angled down at the monitor, or adjusting my chair height down to compensate.

If you got to this point, I congratulate you! I'm not the best when it comes to writing descriptions or reports of this sort. Thanks for checking out my build. Leave me your opinion/feedback in the comments below. I'd love to hear them!

P.S. Take the build date with a grain of salt, this machine is always getting stuff added to it. It's a never-ending work-in-progress. :D

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