Custom build for a relative, build purpose is Sound Edition.

  • Sound Edition (Hackintosh) / Gaming (Windows 10).
  • Budget build sourced from ebay and auctions (Motherboard, GPU, SSD, etc).
  • All build components with original packaging, needs to be easy to assemble/disassemble/store due to simplify moving while the build user is at university.
  • CPU, Cooler and Memory Dimms were already used in previous builds, will be put now to a good use.
  • 2 Memory Dimms were being used in the Silverstone FTZ01 - HTPC - Hackintosh build, replaced them with a different set.
  • Memory Dimms can be used for a future build upgrade of this system if need be, 4266 should be bullet proof for the time being.
  • Build and CPU can use XMP at 2666 or 2800 (5930K).
  • Looked for a motherboard with OC socket (this being a 5th Gen CPU), found this motherboard in pristine condition, boxed with accessories, and it had great reviews.
  • X99 being quad channel all 4 Memory dimms need to be same model and frequency.
  • This Motherboard does not have WIFI, could have bought a BCM94360CS2 WIFI Bluetooth PCI card, but this motherboard only having 3 PCI-E cards, believe that professional sound cards (EVGA NU Audio or similar) rather than a WIFI card would give the 3 PCI-E a better use.
  • Opted not to use a USB Wifi adapter, no dependencies on drivers, 32 or 64 bit apps (Mac OS Catalina), or internet low speed if Ethernet and Router in Repeater mode could be used instead.
  • Ethernet routed from an Asus RT-AC68U set in repeater mode.
  • Mojave no longer supports Nvidea graphic cards (Metal and so on), found an AMD gpu with Mac OS native support in great condition, boxed and with accessories.
  • This graphics card has a back plate, which is a plus comparing with the reference card and the Open Benchtable in the vertical position, no circuit board cleaning ;-).
  • Machine has 2 OS but without dual boot, this is to avoid the case of Windows updates breaking Clover boot loader.
  • Switching between OS happens by turning on/off one of the systems ssd's.
  • Mac Os / Clover configured with correct CPU power management.
  • No changes to the BIOS for Hackintosh, just Clover configuration.
  • Motherboard mounting uses both standoffs and pushpin standoffs in order to secure well the motherboard to the Open Benchtable while in the vertical position.
  • Vertical Stand sourced from, Open Benchtable is firmly secured while at vertical position.
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