I originally built this to replace a 5 year old Dell PC. I needed a new computer to use for work from home, play games, and do my video and photo editing. my son threw down the gauntlet that I should build it myself. I researched it for several weeks in late fall and ordered the parts. the newegg video series on how to build a computer was very helpful as were a few others off of you tube like installing the water cooler (easier than I thought), applying thermal paste and troubleshooting build problems. I did run into a problem with a faulty motherboard that I had to send back and replace (thanks Amazon) you made that easy!). The forums on Tom's Hardware were helpful for researching problems and part evaluation. That problem had me at a standstill for several weeks and had me questioning my sanity as I had 3K of computer parts and no working computer. But once I solved that issue the build went smoothly. I have also added a portable 2 Tb Western Digital hard drive for external backup. tech support from both corsair and asus were very good and prompt to respond to my questions. I highly recommend you breadboard the build before installing it into the case. I also replaced one of the stock exhaust fans on the case (I could not find a replacement for the stock 200mm fan). I also replaced the stock fans on the liquid cooler with the Noctua fans. anyway I am happy with the outcome and enjoying my new computer. Merry Christmas to all!


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Pics are way too dark to see

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