This is my first build. Ended up upgrading the CPU because of the extra free game. Bought these parts over the course of November trying to get the best deals - I think I did ok overall. Before this I had no experience actually building a computer but I had done plenty of research and watched many videos. Took me a lot longer than I thought, mostly because I'm a bit of a perfectionist. I absolutely love the NVME drives they are fantastic. Everything runs super nicely and so far I'm loving this build. I tried out PBO and auto OC but got worse performance so I turned it back off. I did bump up the memory to 3800 and FCLK to 1900. I didn't tune timings because when I did I had wierd startup loops - eventually booted but gave me a heart attack before it did. I had to bump the memory voltage up to 1.356 from 1.35 ( the xmp setting) to prevent crashes while running heaven or superposition to test. I haven't messed with any graphics OC and I'm not sure if I will yet. Overall this build is awesome and I enjoyed the process. The plan is to basically just upgrade pieces as they age and keep most of the system as is.

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