Gaming/Vid Editing/VMs So far every game (Skyrim, BF3, rFactor2) running on Ultra. Skyrim in particular has had tweaks applied to stress it out further and is still running perfectly (no fps but feels like 40+)

Expected a bit more from boot speeds while in RAID0 (<10sec to logon prompt and another 15 till cursor stops in windows. That's loading Steam, Rainmeter, Avast, Logitech software and a couple of IM's)but apparently that's an unrealistic expectation. Still 1GBps transfer speeds is pretty sweet.

Case is nice, but I have seen a bit better quality in other purchases. Mainly the side panel is a little flimsy (saves weight though) All in all, very happy with purchase. If I had one slight regret it would be not getting the equiv i7, obviously for the planned editing and some game streaming, but had to draw the line somewhere.

... Now to work on desk and monitors :D


  • 52 months ago
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Seems to be very good! Does it still perform well?