This is my first ITX build. It was challenging, but it all fits and it is screaming fast. I have added some progress pictures and finished product.


  • Really fast, my first new computer in 5 years so I am pretty pleased with the results. It runs anything I throw at it.
  • ASUS Bios are awesome
  • Small form factor. I can put this thing anywhere


  • A little on the loud side when it is pushing, but that is due to the stock H100 radiator fans, I will probably look for a suitable quieter replacement.
  • The optical mount did not fit due to the size of the graphics card. I will probably dremel out the mount so it fits with the video card power cables. Right now the optical drive is just slid in.

Not in the part list

  • Win 8 Pro
  • Logitech Z-5300e

Word to the wise, plan your cabling ahead of time. This build is quite tight and I could have done a great deal more cable management.


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Very awesome! I'm parting out a build of my own that is almost identical:

I'm currently scratching my head over CPU cooling . . . The h100i looks boss, but noisy fans are a major con . . . but could be upgraded:

What are your thoughts on CPU cooling in this case, and what has your experience been with this build now that you've lived with it for a while?

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Not gonna lie the CPU cooling with the h100i is super boss... At idle I am at 17C and pushing for hours I never go above 57C (With a new i7). So I am really happy with it. Also, those were the silent fans I was thinking of using if I ever get around to buying them (stocks are loud, but ehh I got used to them). Also, I love the build so glad I went ITX.

Solid build, you will have some more space than I did the ASUS motherboard I got was pushing the space requirements with clearance for the radiator.

Best of luck! Post pics when you are done!

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ur gpu temp when playing game?