Hello all,

Now before you question my part choices on this build, this is kinda of a Frankenstein build of the parts I have left after I have sold a lot of it. I am enlisted in the US Navy now, and go to boot camp Dec 7th 2015, so I needed to start selling my massive desktop. I Had a 900D with a full custom water loop with 4 monitors on a custom built stand. I also sold one of my 290x's to a IRL buddy.

I've since sold all the watercooling gear, and the 900D and put this back together with the parts I had left, and a case I found in my storage building (which I'm hitting next to eBay lol) . My goal is to get the rest of this sold by the end of the summer, so Im completely used to having just a laptop by the time my date comes.

This is the original build where most of these parts came from.

Only have 3dMark11 installed right now and my numbers arn't that impressive anymore, and my overclocks on Air cooling are much lower.

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