Currently It is my main computer for anything. To put things into perspective, this computer's memory runs faster than my old computer's cpu... About the memory, I was having some stability issues until I tweaked the memory voltage up .02 volts above the 1.65 factory set point. That's the only real issue I've had.

Having finished my first ever build, I have learned the valuable lession of throwing away that disc that comes with the motherboard. None of the drivers worked right until updated manually. Better off just writing down which ones are needed and getting them.

A common problem with this motherboard was a lack of sound through the hdmi cable. it's fixed by updating the graphics driver.

All I have for photos is my 5 year old flip phone so don't expect much detail; though, if you want to see something specific I'll put it up.

First time builder here.

My goal was to create a pc that will be capable of performing all my grad school needs while still being capable of some decent gaming. All of that with the smallest price tag possible.

I originally had an i54570 processor but switched to the 6800k since it was waaaayyy cheaper and negated the need for a dedicated gpu. That switch alone saved close to $150-$200.

From what I read about the 6800k, It was evident that memory speed directly affected performance so I opted for the fastest memory that didn't cost as much as the latest and greatest.

The motherboard may not have pcie-3 but that seemed to not be important for anyone not building an "elite gaming rig." Additonally this motherboard had a few people complaining that it didn't like memory that operated at the standard 1.5v and preferred the 1.63v instead. There was some talk that an update fixed this but the memory I chose is a safe bet anyway.

For my OS drive I decided that a ssd would be a great boost to general performance and scouring around the internet, I was able to find a pretty good deal on the 120gb one listed.

As for the case, it doesn't have a usb 3 port despite my mobo having the port. I do plan on including a sd card reader at some point and a quick search reveals $20-$30 front panels that use the usb3 port and provide both. Considering it was a $50 case that was promo-ed and rebated down to $25, it's pretty good. Same goes for the psu, $60 down to $30 is a good deal any day.

cheapest optical drive listed and windows 7 since I don't plan on touching windows 8 anytime soon.

If you want to make this cheaper, you could always go ubuntu. Using a hdd instead will save a few bucks or if you are desperate, you can cut those ram sticks in half (though still get 2).

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Budget! Pretty good, I am happy you went with a solid CPU though what a price! Most people don't care about their builds they want it to boot but don't plan for future. Nothing to complain about except the ram. It is recommended not to go over 2133MHz for the APUs from AMD's recommendations. Though with that CL11, you should run about the same as if you chose something like 2133 CL9.
And is the SSD the only source of storage?
Final word, add more pics ;) That flip phone is not ideal but better than nothing. Add some interior pics. I would like an overview. Open the side panel, shut the blue lights down, open your room's lights and shoot some of the interior. The blue lights are cool but now we have the idea, shoot everything else in good light since that flip phone needs some help. :P