This is my first time building a PC. Was something I always wanted to do and finally had the opportunity to. Was a great learning experience. I had no problems with putting it together and no defective parts. Yes the picture isn't great quality and my cable management isn't great but it's a learning process.

The main purpose was just a general use purposes. Some web browsing, gaming, and other things so I didn't need anything powerful and AMD processors seemed to fit my budget. I went with the Phenom II x4 965 Black Edition due to it's price, great overclocking, and benchmarks compared to the FX-4100 I was looking at.

I went with the Asus M5A97 motherboard due to it's price. It has everything I was looking for feature wise minus an USB 3.0 internal port which I wasn't looking for at the time anyways. Also good for overclocking.

The look of the NZXT Source 210 Elite was exactly what I was looking for and had all the features I wanted at a decent price. It's okay for cable management. The location of the fan connectors on the motherboard aren't in a great location with the spots available on the case for cable management which led me to purchase a fan controller. I was curious how an white LED fan would look so i decided to get one to see and I like it. Will likely get pickup a few more.

I wasn't planning on getting the Samsung 830 128GB SSD but when I saw it go on sale I decided to get and don't regret the decision. Everything is so much faster and just makes the whole experience so much better. I'll be using my Seagate Barracuda ST3320813AS from my old computer for data storage until I feel the need for a new HDD.

Alot of people question the purchase of the Asus GT 440. I looked at benchmarks which showed it wasn't that great of a card. Reviews I read said people had good things to say about games and the price was within my budget. I wasn't into demanding games. Was only playing Open Arena and Madden 08 so I figured this would fill my needs. I decided to try out some games such as Skyrim, Xcom Enemy Unknown, Open Arena and Madden 08, and GTA IV. It handles them all at high settings which is more than good enough for me.

Overall I am very happy with my first build. I learned a lot during the product choosing process to make better choices in the future. I can now compile android in about one hour, play games with no issues, do general uses such as browse reddit and its just a great overall experience.


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You probably could have done well with an APU build.

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This is a great lower end budget build that suits your needs, and personally i think you have done well with the cable management in the space provided, air flow shouldn't be affected a great amount, enjoy it :)

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Nice build for what its worth.

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That ssd will die lonely...

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