Many moons ago I went to a swap meet with a mate from university who knew far more than me at the time, and together we bought the bits to build me a desktop PC. He did most of the putting together, and I watched on semi-interested.

I can't remember the details of the build, although it was around 1996-98 and had an AMD processor because at the time they were outperforming Intel - oh and a 17" CRT monitor which was quite the purchase at the time for a 20 year old!

Anyway, since then I've spent years travelling overseas, and have pretty much just used stock laptops along the way, with a basic off the shelf $500 (AUD) PC more recently to act as a basic HTPC in tandem with my AV Receiver. I always knew it was the definition of shite, but hey it worked and I wasn't that interested in much more.

But now the time has finally come for a comprehensive upgrade. Very exciting!

I figured I would build this myself for fun - Youtube is the bible for building/fixing just about any appliance these days, so why not make my own PC?

I've spent weeks bringing myself up to speed with the latest tech with a view to building an HTPC primarily for watching movies and TV via KODI, as well as having a finished product that fits right into my entertainment unit looking like any other AV component.

I'm sure you'll look at the parts list then and immediately say I've gone way overboard, which would be correct, but as I've gone on this journey I've enjoyed it so much that I figured I may as well pimp the thing a bit (not crazy pimping though) so I can play around with some light gaming, Plex, streaming etc for a bit of a hobby.

A few things to note: - I don't currently have either a 4K capable TV or AV Receiver, but the next upgrade of these will certainly include it once the tech settles down a bit, more content is available, I have a better broadband connection, and the whole thing doesn't cost the earth. The CPUand mobo are capable of 4K at 24hz, which I can play around with on a 28" monitor I have in the office if I feel the need. Otherwise 1080p to my 50" TV and 7.1 surround system will do for now. Once I have a 4K setup, the I can add a mid-range GPU to fully support that at 60hz. - The motherboard I know is way over the top, but I figure I can add a graphics card, sound card, wi-fi, tv card etc should I continue the interest. It also supports the new Realtec S1220A audio codec which is of real interest to me for good surround sound - so why the hell not!? - I know the CPU isn't really great for overclocking, but with such a small case I imagine I'll be a bit limited by heat anyway, and I'm not sure I'll ever get that keen on the gaming side of things anyway. - I went for the M.2 SSD because it just sounds so damn cool, and seriously fast. Again...why the hell not? - Power supply is a bit over the top but will be handy if and when I add more components, in particular a GPU.

I'm currently mid-build, and semi ******** my pants as I go! Will add photo's etc later.

Genuinely interested in your thoughts and comments...please be gentle!


Part Reviews


Certainly a nice CPU, but on reflection the value vs performance sweet spot is probably with the i5-7500


An ideal mobo for those happy with a single GPU setup. Great features all round


Incredibly fast...worth every penny!


Absolutely love this case. It looks awesome in a home theater setup and packs in more storage than most tower style cases. The removable storage rack is brilliantly designed - takes 8x 3.5" HDD's, 2x2.5" drives and 2x 5.25" opticals, and then just slots into place above 3x 120mm case fans.

Perfect for a HTPC/Home Server setup, and for those that have mammoth movie and TV collections like me!


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That's a really nice home entertainment build.

Once you have a 4k capable TV or monitor, slap an RX480 in there. For $219, it can play GTA on ultra at 1080p, you might as well do some gaming on it too! That CPU and RAM could handle it.



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Thanks Sakruh, I'll definitely take a look at it when the time comes. I haven't really played games for years and years, but recently had a go at Fable 2 on an xbox 360 during some time off work and loved it. That inspired me to by an old copy of skyrim - its crazy large! Don't know if this PC could do a game like that justice but if so I might give that a crack.


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That's a really nice build. Interesting case too. Also nice laptop lmao.

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Cheers mate - yeah the lappy is my work one. Good for travel, but not much else!