After about a month of researching I finally made a list of the best parts I wanted to use to make my computer. This build was mainy inspired by BarracksBoy's 1440p machine . But then I also followed the list of Ninjadudewhat .

The cost of this machine SAYS $3339.78 but with shipping and handling the ACTUAL cost is around $3709.39 (seriously those shipping cost are ******* retarded).

I decided to go with Cougar fans because the Noctua fans are hideous. And I still wanted the BitFenix Spectre Pro because it's big, has good RPM, and it has LED capabilities.

My mouse is the Razer Deathadder and my keyboard is the Razer Blackwidow (Both blue because I prefer blue to green).

The ROG Swift I teetered on buying but many, many reviews insisted that is was the best gaming monitor and it is very big and pretty. But the cost is something you may want to consider because it is pricey.


This thing was an utter nightmare to make. I do not recommend building this unless you are willing to be frustrated, willing to have setbacks, and thinking creatively when routing wires and using screws. My h100i radiator has only 2 screws because the others weren't in the correct area. And the 200m Spectre Pro fan was a ***** to put in.

For a while the computer wouldn't even load the bios screen. I restarted many, many times. Checking RAM, and giving power to the Motherboard were two things I neglected because this was my first time building a computer.

The worst moment was when I turned the computer on the first time and the LED fan wire was overheating (probably from being put into a wrong slot) and literally boiling inside my computer almost creating a fire. The wire is ****** and I can't get LED for my front fan until I get a replacement (I'm just glad that was the only thing damaged).

And then even after I checked everything the computer STILL wouldn't work. I replaced the h100i with the regular fan and was about to give up. However right before I gave up I restarted the computer one last time and BOOM! BIOS SCREEN BABY!!! I laughed hysterically for a few minutes. Then finally replaced the fan once again with the h100i.

My computer now works and is a marvel to look at. I spent so much time on Malevolent and am glad I don't have to play with the parts anymore. It was certainly an experience. But in the end, I think I would do it all again to make this beautiful piece of gaming bliss.


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i can dream about having a pc like this it is superb

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