I did this build for my home workstation after carefully shopping all the parts, aiming to meet the following criterias: Good value (balance of high performance / good price); Low noise level; Small form factor; GNU/Linux compatibility. This build was partly inspired from The Haswell CPU I chose offers some of the best performance / price ratio according to passmark. I got a Gigabyte MicroATX MoBo to fit with it (There is also one more expensive available from Asrock.) The result is very satisfying: the machine is quiet and fan noise is barely perceptible. I think most noise comes from the PSU so if you want a similar build that's completely silent you might want to go for a fanless PSU. The silverstone Temjin case is really well built and aims at maximizing air flow. It provides a handful of interesting features. For instance, it is slightly wider, providing room on the sides to tuck the cables behind the panels, and there is a CPU cooler supporter. Cabling is a bit tricky because of limited space. It took me about 5 hours to put it all together. Everything works out of the box with Linux Mint. All in all I find it makes a really good system for around 900$.


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only 1 pic will not earn you many up votes

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wow, how does that hot swap bay thing work?

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