First Build in over 15 years. Wanted to go sub 1k. Semi successful / add oculus for ~150 on there. And the setup will look better... moving soon...


So I seemingly kept upping the anty on this build.. For the most part it wasn't about power, it was about "ease of use". Don't get me wrong I love modding and tinkering, but I don't always want to be "turning a knob" every time I start a new game or new process. Sometimes you do just want to be more on the plug and play side, especially if you're going to making many more software changes. Of course this won't always be the case, but strive for progress not perfection :p

Monitor: Changed 3 times. Went from Asus pb277q (which is an all around great monitor, just not for this build and higher end gaming needs) to the AOC cq27g1 (this monitor could be great?... maybe?... needs a lot of tuning and for first time VA panel for me it just didn't work (there was also a lot of flickering..)) to the LG27gl83ab (which is pretty much all you need and looks amazing (also working well with the 2070)). Originally wanted a dual monitor setup, but I'm loving the one. Might get another down the road for work purposes, but already have some "cheap" 27inch panels lying around for work needs if need be. Went from spending ~200 to ~350... The monitor is worth it, but I'm uncertain if I need this nice of a monitor... once you go this green though.. the grass even smells terrible back there...

GPU: Was having a hell of a time with the gpu. The first buy was a xfx 5700 (non-xt). It would create crazy vram and gpu temps and nuke the machine (also at one point the fan, if on around 20-60% would sound like a lawnmower). Ended up going with the 2070 super (I thought i'd just get away from all the radeon driver issues for a minute) which is great now, but I at first thought it had massive coil whine (ended up being the psu that was causing electrical noise on load in the gpu.. fun stuff...). Went from spending ~300 to ~450 which hurt a bit, but the card will last longer? yes the card will last longer... yes.... and its better... yes...

PSU: from corsair bronze to gold....(highly recommended if in an older home or just unsure of your current power situation.... hell go as big as you want lol, platinum, etc.) also semi to full modular which is much nicer. They also gave me a little bag in the psu box for my cables... whoa!... lol Went from spending ~70 to ~140. Really didn't like this one, kicked myself for not buying a better psu from the get go during black friday (for all my changes, but this one in particular).

Memory: Went from 3200 mhz c16 to c14 because I'm just not familiar enough with manually changing timings to feel good about it. I also felt like I would have to keep changing this (one more thing kind of thing). Went from spending ~80 to ~120. Didn't feel like that much of a compromise here.

Motherboard: I regret this motherboard. Just doesn't feel right... Luckily I will probably update to x570+ at some point and get a diff manufacturer.. Also lack of bluetooth and wireless = bad foresight (amazingly running out of usb ports)... only have like 12.... lol.

CPU: no complaints aside from the stock cooler (which works just fine cooling, but could be better noise wise etc.) (also, holy hell, felt like the entire motherboard was going to crumble when latching this thing in.)

Speakers: bought the pebble 2.1 just because the monitor didn't have speakers lol (so I guess that adds price to the monitor right?) Of course though now I want a good speaker setup...

Mouse: don't use razer cortex....

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  • 2 months ago
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Hi man, can you talk about the graphics card? Im looking foward to get that, but there is almost any info of it online. Can you also post more pictures about the card on the build? Thanks!

  • 1 month ago
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I am returning this card. I myself will be going nvidia but I still think the best bet would be the 5700 xt. Think I just got a bad card, the vram would overheat from small tasks and cause crashing unless the gpu fans went above 70%....

  • 1 month ago
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Replaced gpu w/ evga 2070 super gaming black $459 newegg Replaced ram w g.skill flare b die Replaced monitor w/ aoc cq27g1 but will look for a different one again.