Just like the title says. I wanted to build myself a semi-budget PC because I couldn't figure out how to use Wineskin to run F:NV on my Macbook. It took about three weeks before I was comfortable actually buying the parts because I've never built a PC before. It was really fun and also nerve-wracking. The build itself took more than six or seven hours to complete because I was so worried about shocking my components.

Anyway, it's all put together now and it works great! I was actually astounded when I saw vanilla F:NV on PC for the first time. I had been playing it on PS3 for a long time and the resolution was awful. I thought it was my monitor. Well, I'm playing it on my build with the same monitor and it looks a million times better! Everything is very quiet, and even adding the blue LED fan in the back didn't create and perceptible increase in noise.

(Yes, you can probably see that I installed the PSU in upside down at first. I fixed that yesterday when I basically deconstructed the whole thing for some minor adjustments. Also, that brace that my case came with to hold up the PSU is absolute garbage.)

Part Reviews


The fact that this motherboard has VERY bright LEDs on the bottom isn't well advertised at all. It was only after watching a PCPartPicker build video that I realized they were there. I'd already ordered this on sale so I didn't cancel or return it.

Anyway, this is a good-looking mobo. It's very sleek and everything is labelled. There are only two connections for case fans. I don't need any more but if someone wanted to fully outfit a case like mine (the Thermaltake V21), you'd have to use some fan splitters. The manual was pretty good except it doesn't specifically say what kind of M.2 wifi card is compatible.

Overall, it was a good component for a first-time build and I would recommend this motherboard (as long as you aren't bothered by the LEDs, of course).


Works as it should and looks good


VERY fast. From turning on the PC to Windows start screen, it's about ten seconds. You get what you pay for.


It's a pretty good case. I don't have anything to compare it to, but I can at least give my beginner's impressions. The pre-installed stand-offs are very handy. This case fits a lot of stuff. I have everything except a graphics card installed and it looks practically empty. It's very convenient that all of the sides can be swapped around at will so that the windowed side can face whichever way you choose. Apparently the front of the case can be removed and the front ports can be moved, but I couldn't really figure that out.

I don't care much about making the cables look nice, but neatening up inside would probably suck. The power supply goes right under the motherboard so you can't stick any cables back there. One of my magnetic dust filters arrived dented, but it was a very simple process to get the manufacturer to send me a new one for free. Oh yeah, and the bracket for the power supply isn't worth the trouble unless your power supply is really heavy. It's a pain to install and the rubber guards don't even fit right. I jut cut a piece of rubber to the right size and used that instead.

This is a lot of minor stuff but overall the case it great. Very quiet, not too heavy, and it looks damn good. It works.

Power Supply

Cables are REALLY stiff and plugging in stuff for the first time is tricky. I had to unplug and replug stuff a couple of times to loosen it up. I mean, it's a power supply and it works? Not much else to say.

Case Fan

It's hard to put in the screws the first time but I already knew about that. Just screw them in with the fan on a flat surface, unscrew them, and you're all set to install. The blue LED effect is very light (not as bright at the pictures) but I kind of prefer it that way. It's subtle, quiet, and looks nice.


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I think a Skylake iGPU would be able to run FO:NV ok. The iGPU in a i5-3470S can play Mass Effect 2 well enough.

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Yeah, Intel HD 530 is plenty for Fallout

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And when the time comes just toss in any GPU and the i5-6500 should easily handle it.

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I'm just running it on the integrated graphics! Even some simple mods are working perfectly. I'm surprised that you say it's tidy because I feel like the cable management is a nightmare. The PSU cables are so stiff.