CPU: We were relatively reluctant to go with the 4690k due to it being priced at 240 dollars, but we decided to bite the bullet and go with it. On the brighter side we'll be able to overclock a little bit to get some extra performance out of it. Handles everything like a champ.

Cooler: This choice was made with aesthetics in mind, as in terms of performance, the H7 is comparable to the 212 Evo, but is far prettier(If Razer has taught me anything it's that looks significantly increase performance.). The H7 is way quieter than I expected it to be.

Motherboard: Sexy color scheme, with tons of features that Micha can utilize in the future should he want to, like M.2, an extra PCIe 16x slot, and surround sound. 6 phase power delivery is a nice touch, and gives me the confidence that Micha should be able to get the 4690k to even higher clocks in the future.

Memory: Sleek. Black. 16 GBs. Works. Not much else to say here.

SSD: Not the fastest SSD, but its sequential read speed makes it decent enough for loading windows and other applications. I recommend shelling out the extra 15 bucks for a 850 Evo or an equivalent.

HDD: Lots of space for games. Works.

Video Card: I was shocked by the performance of this beast. Sliders all on max on every game we tried on it. My only gripe would have to be the heat produced by the 390, which is to be expected with the amount of power it draws. I'm happy to know that XFX allows voltage control on this card, as we will be able to push it even farther in the future. (It also looks sexy as hell.)

Case: Clean, Basic, and elegant. The define S is the best case I have ever worked in, and enabled me to achieve, in my opinion, awesome cable management. It also affords us the ability to add extra drives, fans, and even water cooling in the future.

Power Supply: Nice looking cables, simple look, and affordability all from a reliable company. Full modularity is quite the nice feature to have.

This was an amazing project and was a lot of fun to put together with my buddy Micah! I'll leave you all with some pictures :)


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It helps to focus the camera before taking pictures lol, nice build though.

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I did xD my camera is just that bad. I had to take some of them with my buddy's camera.