600t case: originally I wanted to have the H100i in push/pull config exhausting out the top but the distance from the ram modules and mobo heatsinks to the top of the grill was 40mm so a 25mm rad and a 25mm fan will not fit with the MSI Z87-GD65 Gaming mobo used pull config exhausting out the top with the two 200mm fans one up front one mounted to the wire mesh side-panel and one 120mm fan in the rear all as intake

the front panel USB 3.0 needs a USB 3.0 20-Pin to USB 3.0 External Female adapter or route the Male end thru the backplate and out the rear of the case then plug it into an open USB 3.0 slot of the mobo or just not use it

the Corsair individually sleeved power cables were very rigid and made cable management difficult to impossible in tight places

also my case shipped with only THREE foot pads

this was an impulse buy should have done a bit of research first and got a bigger case for what i wanted but hey the case looks cool


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very nice cable managment

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would love to see some more pictures