This build is what I came up with that doesn't completely break the bank. I re-used my graphics card from a previous build which explain the no price on it. The next goal for the build would be to get an m.2 drive. the mb could also have been a little better, especially if you want to overclock. But overall a well rounded build.

Any suggestions with overclock would be great. For some reason the system doesn't like to save over-clocks on either the cpu or the gpu. the gpu does not have any external power outside of the pcie slot.

Part Reviews


Really cannot complain. The CPU is a massive upgrade from my previous, the price after the release of the 3000 series makes it an also must in budget builds. The stock cooler as well is perfectly capable of keeping the CPU cool even with minor overclocking.


Very nice board with premium build quality. Has plenty of room for expansion with 3 PCIE slots. It also has 2 M.2 slots and 6 sata cable slots. Just a very great board overall


I mean the ram works and gets to the advertised frequencies. The only complaint i have is that the rgb has issues when going from blue to purple. I has a very sturdy feel and honestly has some heft to it.

Video Card

This card has been my baby for 3 years now. Got it just before the bitcoin craze. My only complaint is that 4gb is really limiting to its performance. Definitely would recommend going with a higher 10 series for fps or a 2070 super for great graphics IMO.


This case was everything i could have hoped it to be. The tempered glass is very thick and has foam gaskets on two of the sides to keep the glass and metal separate. The air flow has almost zero restrictions inside of this case as the front is entirely mesh and there is one rear exhaust and two slots for fans on the top of the case. the psu shroud is also nice as the slant gives a gradual feel to it and reduces the boxiness, the reason I didn't go for the NZXT h500.

Case Fan

I don't have the 5-1, I have the 3-1. But even still my review would be the same. I picked these fans because i like the subdued rgb as it isn't completely in your face. I really don't need to say more, just go watch the video Bitwit made.

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