Clearly I can't get my case small enough for my liking so here I go again. Links to my older builds:

Baymax 1.0 -

Baymax 2.0 -

I recycled all the guts from 1.0 into 2.0 but that wasn't possible for 3.0.

Replacement parts:

Corsair H90 to Cryorig C1

Corsair LED RAM to Corsair LPX RAM

EVGA 980 Ti Hybrid to MSI 1070 Aero ITX

EVGA Supernova G2 650W to Corsair SF600

One new Corsair ML120 Pro

NCASE M1 v5.0 -

This has got to be the best ITX case on the planet. It's insanely small, yet wildly versatile, and looks very sexy. That being said, it's damn good, but not $220.00 ($180.00 + $40.00 shipping) good. Since this case is not made for the masses the production costs are higher thus still making this a niche product for people willing to pay a premium for this case.

I ordered the case without the optical drive. My advice for building in this case without experiencing frustration is to spend plenty of time planning your steps.


  1. Gut the old ITX build

  2. Install PSU and run CPU cable behind where motherboard goes

  3. Mount SSDs and HDD - I considered mounting SSDs on the bottom but that would complicate mounting the a 120mm fan on the bottom

  4. Install mother board and CPU, connect CPU cable to motherboard

  5. Tuck Wi-Fi/Bluetooth antennae under the motherboard and route connection through water pump grommet

  6. Install forward 120mm fan with the wire cage and dust filter

  7. Route USB wires, HD audio wire, etc around 120mm fan and connect to motherboard

  8. Install dust filter behind 120mm fan

  9. Install CPU cooler - This cooler barely fit, I settled on the Cryorig C1 because it was the largest cooler that still allowed plenty of room for a 120mm fan in front of it.

  10. Install RAM

  11. Install GPU (CPU cooler can be installed) - I originally intended to keep my EVGA 980 Ti Hybrid but this case does not insulate noise well. Since the hose is tucked very tightly the water pump has to work a bit harder to push the water coolant through the hose, making a bit of an annoying buzzing noise. Too annoying for me so this GPU had to go. I settled on a compact GTX 1070 because I'm not wasting money on an overpowered GPU when I'm only rendering at 1080p at 60fps and it would allow the forward 120mm fan to quickly move hot air in the case out the top.

  12. Plug in remaining cables from PSU to the motherboard, SSDs and HDD.

  13. With the 120mm radiator gone from the 980 Ti Hybrid, move one SSD from the front and couple it with the 3TB HDD

  14. Remove 120mm fan from radiator and install on bottom rear of the case with wire cage and dust filter

  15. Install new compact GPU

  16. Place adhesive patch between 3TB HDD and the 4 pin fan hub, and connect all three Corsair ML120's

  17. Install side fan cage and dust filter and attach magnetic Wi-Fi/Bluetooth

  18. Insert power cord to PSU

  19. Tidy up cables

  20. Replace front, top and side panels...and we are done.


Temps are remarkably good. GPU rarely goes above 67 degrees except when playing Overwatch, then it hits close to 80 degrees, CPU has a mild OC of 4.2GHz and maxes out at 47 degrees, ML120's are controlled by a Corsair Commander Pro set to zero RPM when GPU temp is 45 degrees and below; up to 900 rpm when GPU hits 65 degrees.

This my crowning achievement moving from my compact iMac (see Baymax 1.0 for details) to this final build. I would now say I now have a system that beats my former iMac on all fronts: Elegance A small foot print Powerful Capable of Being Customized Later On.

If you have the cash, and want a high end ITX build, I highly recommend this case.

UPDATE: I replaced the fan hub with the Cosrair Commander Pro. There's a zero rpm option that can be set based on the GPU or CPU temperature. I've only seen the Commander Pro work with Corsair Maglev fans and Corsair RGB fans. The fan lights turn off at zero RPM.


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LOL, love your name!!!

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Thank you!

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Hi man. I really love that pc is just top end and really amazing. I'm thinking to buy the C1 or a water cooler for my pc and I own the same motherboard, but I wanna know why you change the H90 for an air cooler?

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All fan mounts in this case are 120mm only and since my old H90 is a 140mm radiator it cannot fit.

Why I went from water cooled to heat pipes is strictly because of noise. In my older ITX case the water pump blended its noise with the other fans to make a very low hum. I could have easily used a 120mm CPU cooler with the NCASE M1 but it doesn't isolate much noise at all and the water pump makes a very noticeable "buzzing" noise when the hoses are squished together.

Another option to consider is the Cryorig M9i. It will fit, it's much cheaper, is compatible with tall RAM but it has three 6mm heat pipes while the Cryorig C1 has six 6mm heat pipes.

I plan on swapping out my existing Fan hub for the Corsair Commander Pro. It has a fan hub on it and the Corsair software allows a zero RPM option on Corsair fans.

Thanks for your kind words!

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Hey there. I just bought the same graphics card to put in my Ncase M1, replacing the Zotac 1070 mini i got only a few days ago that turned out to be faulty. I took the chance, even though it might be too tall to fit. Looks like you managed. Any specific issues you ran into?

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No issues at all.

I should really update this build with more photos. Since this original upload I have removed the 120mm fan under the GPU and gained 2 degrees cooler GPU temps.

Any other questions ask me. I'd be glad to help any way I can.

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Excellent! Thank you, good to know!

I did the 2 120mm fans in the bottom as well. So you're saying they'd be better served elsewhere or not at all? Did you keep the one that's not directly under the card?

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I originally had three fans in the case. One on the side and two on the bottom.

I only removed the fan directly under the GPU. I only need two 120mm fans in the case. One is mounted on the side directly in front of the Cryorig C1 and the other is mounted on the bottom front of the case to help push hot air out the top quickly.

I found that placing the 120mm fan directly under the GPU slightly chokes the GPU because much of it blows directly onto the PSU shroud.

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Makes sense. I'll try that. I mounted a hard drive on the right side of the side bracket, and I have space for a fan on the left. I have a Ryzen 5 1600 with the stock Wraith Spire cooler. I should have clearance for a fan in front of it. Thanks again!

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My pleasure. DM me when you finish your build.