This build is primarily for gaming though it is used for other everyday purposes. Before the Ivy-hate comes in, the CPU was bought at Microcenter and as such, it was quite cheap. The rest of the part selection was just preference at the budget price. The one gripe I had was that one of the rubber cable-routing grommets came out and didn't go back in. Other than that, this runs like a beast. This was built quite a while ago, yet I have not overclocked yet (OC GENIE II doesnt really count, it's temporary). This will be done very soon and then we will see even MOAR performance. The clear front fan is some random Antec one that my friend Nick gave me. It's quite noisy so I will be replacing it when I can. It does push a nice amount of air to the GPU, however.

I would like to thank PacificNic for building the computer for/with me and helping with parts selection. I would also like to thank IamApropos because I know that he influenced the parts selection too through some discussions with Nick/comments on this site.


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