I built this machine to play games such as Arma 3, Dayz, BF3 & 4, Beam NG etc. and do your typical web browsing and media center tasks.

Originally my plan was to use a AMD FX6300 but as I did more and more research I liked the idea of the i5 more and more for its lower power consumption and better single thread performance, as well as having better upgrade options for the future. On a similar note I went with the Nvidia GTX960 as opposed to my original plan of a R9 280 because they trade blows in performance but the Nvidia card is much more power efficient (uses close to 100watts less than a R9 280)

Overall I really like how everything turned out, its a pretty quite PC even at full load and games look beautiful.

in addition to the parts list I also have two 2.5" drives hooked up that I had laying around, the 1TB drive is for all of my documents, games, programs, and other data and I have a 320GB 2.5" drive that I have windows installed on and the last 2.5" drive is out of my laptop that this computer is replacing, its in there for data transferring.

Plans for the nearish future are to get a better CPU cooler along with some more case fans. I'm thinking I'll go with a water cooler for the CPU since the case limits me to a cooler height of about 155mm. I might also use the EVGA step-up program to upgrade to a 4GB GTX960 card that I found out today will be coming out soon.

Loaded temperatures were taken after temps leveled off while running tests in EVGA OC scanner X (GPU load was at 100% and CPU load was at 98%). While playing arma 3 on ultra I haven't seen the GPU over 65 or the CPU over 45

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  • 61 months ago
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First off, i'd like to salute you! You did an amazing job building this thing, particularly with the cable management. I was just wondering, is 500w enough for this build? I'm building a computer similar to this (different version of the i5) and I was wondering. Thanks ahead of time for any reply!

  • 61 months ago
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Yes, 500W is damn near plenty (it's definitely enough) for this build. I stress "near" because, even though a GTX 960 only needs a 400W PSU, it's nice to have a little extra for some safety headroom, you know? But, if you can't go over a 500W PSU for budget reasons or any other reasons, it's plenty and I doubt you'll run into any issues.

That said, that is if you get a decent power supply. Just know what the good and reliable companies are. If I were you and in this case scenario, I would go with one of the two power supplies below, hands down depending on your budget. And listen (or read), if you have the budget, go with the XTR. But, if you don't then go with the HCG. They're both excellent, and again, the best you'll get hands down. I stress "excellent" too, by the way!

By the way, for a full features list on both of these, look at their brand's websites!

With the High Current Gamer, you'll get one of the best power supplies with a feature called "Continuous Power". This means that there won't be random power surges to destroy your components, which is very possible.

With the XTR, on the other hand, you'll get everything in the High Current Gamer, plus fully sleeved black cables and fully modular.

Phew! Happy PSU choosing! :-)

  • 61 months ago
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500w is plenty for my build, at full load it should only draw about 355w