This was supposed to replace my old HP and the HP was supposed to become the htpc but its been a few months and the new build has not made its way to the office yet. Everyone likes the new set up so much they dont want the old computer in the living room. Buts thats just fine lets me build another one.. Every piece worked right out of the box and it could not have been easier. The only issue I had was an error in the operating system. Used windows vista ultimate I know it's junk but I had it on hand. Windows had something corrupted in the updates and I had to reinstall it. No really big deal but thats software for you. The Cooler Master 212 hyper evo has really impressed me. Ran prime95 for an hour at 4.02 overclocked and it hit 52°C and thats it. Stock cooler would hit 63-64° just ripping a movie from dvd in less then 10 minutes. Really like this set up but there are a couple of things I wish I was smarter about when ordering. Well I guess only 2, better gpu but to be honest the 6770 so far is really good no issues. And should have got a case. I reused an older Xion ll. It works but cable management is a pain. It was silver when I got it so broke out the masking tape and painted her up, flat black out side, flat white inside and accented with metallic blue. The junction between the side panel and the case needs to be touched up. Didnt think the white would show so much with the side panel was on but oh well live and learn.

Edit: R6770 has been retired to my old HP and XFX 7850 2gb Double Dissipation card has been added. First impressions to follow....

Edit: This has been an evolution over a short amount of time. The XFX 7850 is awesome great frame rates on high to ultra settings. I also got a deal on Windows 8 Pro so that replaced Vista Ultimate. 8 is very different but the more you work it the better it gets. I love this computer and cant wait to build another one for myself... Building for others is fun but most of the time they take most of my advice but theres somethings that I would/would not do.

As for the prices thats actual price out of my pocket. As I build computers for friends I take no money just have them buy me a part that I need or want. And the picture show the evolution of the build and cable management as parts were added.

I came into and exact matching 6770 and needed a single card for my htpc so I tossed them both in the build.. well see how the work out...

Edit: sold the 6770's and picked up a pair of 7950's.. So one in this and the other in....

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  • 79 months ago
  • 2 points

Sweet build mate solid part choices. Not keen on the case but great build overall!!

  • 79 months ago
  • 1 point

Thanks! What can I say, the case was, it will be replaced sometime in the future, but it does its job for now.

  • 78 months ago
  • 1 point

nice build man :)

  • 77 months ago
  • 1 point

Nice budget build... console killer... well done.