This pc I put together to replace my super old FX 8320 build that I did in 2012. This build is mainly used for 60%/40% 3D modeling and gaming. It’s a continuous work in progress, as I like to tinker and I am continuously upgrading. I cannibalized all of the parts from my old system that could be ported over. I went with the Phanteks Entho Primo to replace my disgustingly outdated Antec 1200. I like full towers for the hard drive space and the overall space inside to build; I went with the Primo after seeing good reviews online and youtube. I was really impressed with the build quality and desperately needed to upgrade from my antec case. The only drawback of the case is that its really really really big, I will include a picture of the 2 cases side by side as a comparison. The Ryzen 1700 is an amazing chip and I can get mine to run @3.5ghz on all cores. My ram isnt B die and I can only run it at 3000mhz stable. I'm contemplating to upgrade to a R7 3700 when they eventually get released and hopefully memory support will be better and my kit will be supported then. Just need to update my videocard to something with more video memory so I can use substance painter comfortably. I was hoping to purchasae a RTX card ( I need NVIDIA because all my 3d software supports cuda ) But the RTX cards are all $1000+ so i'm waiting on AMD to release something to knock done the price before i buy just like i did with the Gtx 780 and AMD 290.

Part Reviews


Best bang for your buck on 1st Gen Ryzen , was able to overclock to 3.7ghz with memory at 3000mhz with no cpu voltage increase. Only negative about my this particular chip was that integrated memory controller sucked on my chip and could never get my G.Skill sticks to boot stable at 3200mhz. I eventually sold the cpu to a friend when I got a sick deal on a R7 2700 on black friday.


The most I ever spent on a mobo period. Comes with most of the bells and whistles of a mid to hi end board. Like all of 1st Gen Ryzen Board Ram compatibility sucks and I paid the price for this with my build. I started to buy my parts as soon as Ryzen had gotten announced and was unaware at the time that it would eventually need samsung b die to run optimally. I got the cheapest sticks I could at the time knowing that ram would continue to increase 2018 , long story short this board up until recently never really liked the G.SKill ram that I had paired with it. If it wasnt for that and the price (I think its $30 to expensive ) It would be a perfect board. Oh and was 1 of the few AM4 boards that had 8 sata ports.


works amazing on Intel systems, put in both sticks and automatically ran at 3200mhz no so great for Ryzen , had to struggle to get it to run 3000mhz.


Was initially purchase as a steam drive but library grew to fast and is now a scratch disk and a drive that I use to record shadow play recordings. Solid performance and still going strong.


as of right now has been on for 1450 days and has 45.03Tb of data written lifetime. buy with confidence great drives


only owned for 3 months and cant complain


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