This would be my second built ever, for lite to average gaming and some office work. Needed to keep the price below $700. I truly liked the site, looked through others around my price range, which parts they choose and how they were rated. It gave me ideas to move ahead with my build, that now I just wanted to share, if you are considering some low-cost AMD build.

So far the performance have been great. It appears to satisfy for the next 2-3 years.

Part Reviews


probably not much to comment here, as you are getting one of the best price to performance deals in the market. nowadays. I went back and forth between 1500x to 1600 since it was a budget build. The core count and OC it to 3.8 would worth the extra $30. When I purchased it, it was $209.99 at Amazon, which 5% card discount brought it down to $199.49.


The mobo well worth the price with the mail-in-rebate. Once updated the bios, you shouldn't have any issues. I cannot truly think of anything that is less within the mid price range. SLI support is not available in case you would mind. The motherboard was $89.99 + $3.99 s/h at newegg. There was $20 MIB, plus an additional $10 for posting your comments through verified purchase.


Not much to say here. It is one of the most well known brands with a reliable series. This one was purchased along with the SanDisk Ultra II 240 GB SSD, came along with $25 discount if you were to pay with Masterpass.


This was my first experience with the SSD although I have been reading about it for sometime, and oh boy, what a difference! I just ordered another to replace my 2.5'' HD on my laptop.

Video Card

I just read the reviews about this card, but truly didn't push it to its limits. I am not too much into gaming, yet the benchmark scoring was good to say the power is there if you would need.


Mentioned that it was my 2nd build ever, which the first one had the CoolerMaster 690. When I was moving, I didn't have the room to take the case, but I kept the components which I later on put inside a Silverstone as HTPC. Now I see how far the cases how come, that all the details have been well thought. Very easy cable management, it pleases the eye. One thing I could say is about the dust. I choose it to be a glass panel with the RGB. But if leave the case on the floor, and choose to go with the fans provided , you would get some dust, and trust me they don't look to well in the pictures. Otherwise everything is perfect.

Power Supply

Of course it is not modular, of course it is bronze series, and of course it is not too reliable. It seems it is handling the system weight quite well so far, and truly it was a steal at $9.99 after mail-in-rebates.


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I love it!

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Super efficient. that's a "get er done" build. 10 bucks for a 450 bronze! deal

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I HATE WHEN PEOPLE SAY THAT THEIR BUILD IS ONLY $700 BUT THEY DON'T INCLUDE WINDOWS!! (jk I know you could be using some other OS) 1+

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what frequency is your ram running?

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