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Time Lady's SFF Ryzen PC

by N7Shepard90



Date Published

Nov. 28, 2017

Date Built

Nov. 5, 2017

CPU Clock Rate

3.9 GHz

CPU Temperature Under Load

65.0° C

GPU Core Clock Rate

1.664 GHz

GPU Effective Memory Clock Rate

8.808 GHz

GPU Temperature While Idle

37.0° C

GPU Temperature Under Load

62.0° C


Funny how the PC's I've posted on here have been AMD based, so go team Red? lol So me and my wife finally agreed that it was now time to build her a gaming PC. So this was my chance to get my hands on a Ryzen CPU. The idea behind this build was what is the best $1000 could get me so my wife could game at high-max 1080p. She has a basic Netbook that is slower then dirt that she got for Christmas one year. She loves playing on my PC (https://pcpartpicker.com/b/XwgwrH) but wanted one of her own. So we built a SFF PC that we could use out in the living room. I could have gone a cheaper route on a couple of parts but I wanted the best and this is what I came up with. This was her first PC build. She did a bit of the assembly. I managed to help her out with the rest; wire management; installing and updating Windows & BIO's, Overclocking, etc. Let me know in the comments below what you all think. Did I go in the right direction for my first Ryzen PC build?

Part Reviews


Could have gone with the 1200 instead to save a few bucks but wasn't sure if I wanted to overclock until I learned how easy Ryzen is on overclocking. Great performing CPU. Just what I needed for my build.

CPU Cooler

Noctua is known for there awesome coolers and this particular cooler was in the one I had in mind as a replacement for the stock cooler. I replaced the 14mm fan with the NF-A9, which is a thicker 25mm, and it fit perfectly. So now that I have in a sense of peace of mind with it staying cool. Time to overclock.


Big fan of Gigabyte motherboards and this one is pretty nice for a ITX. Easy to build with. Great BIOs. Not sure about the RGB led's on the board but, RGB is growing on me.


Does the job, Corsair being the well-known company they are with great products.


First time user of ADATA and the M.2 format. Good home for the O.S. and very quick.

Video Card

Works great. Very quite even under load. Great even when overclocked. My specs; Core Clock: 1664 MHz Max Boost Clock: I've seen floating around 2000 MHz Memory Clock: 8808 MHz

Power Supply

Does the job, love that its Fully-Modular

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PatarIndustries 2 Builds 3 points 16 months ago

Verrrrry nice. QBX is one of my all time favorite cases, any specific issues when building in it?

N7Shepard90 submitter 3 Builds 1 point 16 months ago

Not really an issues that I can think of besides cable management was a bit tricky. Took me a few try's until I got what you see in the photos. But that's have the fun of it. lol

WondahFish 2 points 15 months ago

Very good job on this build.

Why did you pick this case and not a slimmer one? (https://pcpartpicker.com/product/P9Wrxr/silverstone-case-ftz01b)

N7Shepard90 submitter 3 Builds 2 points 15 months ago

We picked this case mainly for the maximum air flow. She was worried about heat. I wanted to do something like the Silverstone - RVZ03B or even do up another build in the Fractal Design - Node 202. She didn't want a "VCR"/ console style case. I almost sold her on the Silverstone - FT03B-MINI. I've been wanting to do a build in that case for a while now.

Zayb 2 points 15 months ago

I'm really digging your build, I just want to ask how about the temp, Is it to hot? Because i'm about to build the slightly exact same build but I will be using the QBX too but not the Kaze. You can check the partlist here https://pcpartpicker.com/list/JwXRf8 I'll wait for your answer and any suggestions or advice would be nice :)

N7Shepard90 submitter 3 Builds 1 point 14 months ago

No, temps are great. We did a 7 hour day of gaming last weekend; never saw temps go over 66 ℃. The QBX should offer the same performance for the most part. As long as you have a positive air pressure you'll be fine. Take your time and figure out the cable management. I think I could have done better but it turned out great. I would build in this case (or a similar one) again for sure. I like your list, but I would recommend doing up a SFX style psu, that ATX psu is going to take up a lot of room. MIGHT affect temps (but don't quote me on that) and fitting the 1070 ti might be a tight fit. Just keep that stuff in mind. Do your research. Then look for the deals. Cheers :)

Zayb 2 points 14 months ago

Ok I see, noted.. Thank you so much mate, I'll keep that in mind.. :D

drojasxlt 1 Build 2 points 12 months ago

As someone who has built in this case twice and wrestled with that sliver of a backside, I commend you on that tidy cable management.

Only thing I would say is to watch those unfiltered vents on this case. They tend to gunk up pretty quickly, especially around the PSU.

N7Shepard90 submitter 3 Builds 1 point 12 months ago

Thanks, spent a bit more time on the cable management then I wanted to, but it is always worth it. Funny you commenting on the dust build up, I was planning on cleaning that system this weekend including my new personal build. Haven't "fully" finished it, just waiting on the custom cables from cable mod. :)